Are Nottingham Forest On The Way Back?

illya mclellanSenior Analyst IMay 22, 2008

Looking over the promotions and relegations in the various English competitions I came across a name that once inspired awe in football fans across Europe. A club that held the old champions trophy in back to back seasons in 78-79 and then 79-80. They also held the record for longest undefeated run in the league before it was recently eclipsed by Arsenal.

This once mighty club is none other than Nottingham Forest, who many these days will not have even heard of let alone know that they once dominated the game in England and on the continent.

It would be a travesty at this time not to mention Brian Clough who was instrumental in the success of the club and one of the legends of the game. A great footballer who went on to become a great manager.

But that is the past and the past is the past as Liverpool fans well know. The question now for Forest is this, "Can Colin Calderwood take them back to the top flight?"

For the sake of the glorious past I hope he can, it would be nice to see one of the old giants back in their old stomping grounds. This is a team that finished third in the Premier League in 94-95 and were then relegated two seasons later.

In the years after Clough's managerial reign of 18 years from 1975 to 1993 they have seen ten new bosses and no new silverware.

But the arrival of Calderwood has given fresh hope to the Forest faithful as they begin to dream again of being a top flight club. It's a long way to the Premier League from here but promotion to the Championship is definitely a step in the right direction.

A few good signings over the summer and they could be pushing for promotion again, it has happened before. Rumours are flying already about who Calderwood might sign. The gaffers a Scotsman as well and we have all seen what one famous Scotsman has done not far to the north of Nottingham in the last few years.

It is definitely too soon to be talking about Forest back in the top flight but I for one would love to see it and I will be following their results with interest in the coming season. The true test of Calderwood's managerial ability will begin soon.