PAC-10: USC Fanbase, Heart Doesnt Really Count For Anything?

Tray LeonidasCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 25:  Head coach Pete Carroll of the USC Trojans speaks to the media at the spring game on April 25, 2009 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California.  The cardinal team won 16-10.  (Photo by Jeff Golden/Getty Images)

You would be surprised, i thought i was actually going to type my first article on the Cal-Maryland game this weekend, but something has come to my attention that i think i could ignore no longer.

I went to school and saw a USC fan of all people, and we decided to debate a little bit about our teams. Of course when we did, theres no doubt that for the last few years USC has been superior to California in every aspect of the game, but thats not what this is about. I decided to ask him why USC hasnt been able to win a NC in 5 years when they were in every position to win it every year. He said flukes and luck for the other team that walked away with the win,  but he constantly implied that USC is better tham then.

Uhhh...HELLO? if USC was better then they should have won. Especially since they are so heavily favored to win most competitions. So when i bring up the Stanford game of 2007, I said they won because they showed some heart and pulled through in the end. He said that Heart wasnt what won them that game.

...What? so you're telling me that if a soul-less stanford came into that game they would have still won because of luck? Please. Just sounds like an excuse to put down the underdog.

Which brings me to question, if this is true, and heart doesnt matter for anything, then why do we even watch college football? I dont know about you, but i watch to see heart-stopping games with unforgettable plays. Sheer determination pushing through to give the win to the team that wanted it more. but these fans dont want to see a good game anymore, they just want to see their team win, and i dont blame them, i mean no one wants to lose. I wanna see my team play in some good games, it makes this sport interesting. I would much rather see my team in a heart stopping thriller than blowing someone out, which is something that that USC fan didnt understand.

He tried to come up with reasons they lost those games too. and here they are.

Stanford game 2007: his reason: booty had a broken finger and the last stanford play their fourth string CB was in. but USC dominated in total offense.

...right. because total offense scores more points than touchdowns.

My reason: USC simply lost Because Stanford scored more points than they did. USC was a 41 point favorite in that game. they should have been able to win that game with a second  or third string QB. There are NO excuses for that loss. but Stanford was the better team where it counted, on the scoreboard.

OSU game 2008: his reason-a fluke. thats all he said. didnt say what the fluke was or anything, no explanations...

My reason: i know what the fluke was, USC didnt have any heart that game. they had come off of a great win against ohio state and went into that game thinking it would be handed to them. And what happened, Oregon State shut them up, with determination combined with the talent of a freshman RB wanting to prove everybody wrong.

UCLA game 2006: his reason- fluke, but he explained this one. Booty threw a tipped interception. had that interception not happened, USC wins.

My reason: are you kidding me? thats part of the game, thats not a fluke, an interception isnt just a freak thing that happens randomly unless they try to catch it with their feet or something. UCLA won because they were better where it counted, on the scoreboard. But couldn't everyone say that about every loss?

listen to this: ooooooo if Javhid best got 200 more rushing yards on USC ooo man! we would have had that game won! sounds like an excuse to me. but it makes perfect sense coming out of a troy fan(or at least the ones out here in my school.) but since i was talking about cal, its blasphemy.

Heart has something to do with every game, thats why we watch this beautiful game. without heart, college football becomes lifeless and boring, now lets be honest, do you want to see USC waltz in and easily win the pac 10 every year? I know I dont, I want them to WORK for it, yeah i said work. I know thats a new term for them since 2005.

i liked the PAC 10 in 2002 when anyone could have won it. do you know who was in contention to win it back then? WASHINGTON STATE, are you kidding me? if you asked me if WSU has ever won a PAC 10 title in the last 50 years i would have said you were crazy. There were Better teams, More quality games, and life changing moments. if you dont believe me, just youtube "College football The Play" and you'll see what i mean.

I would Much rather have Cal win a shocker than blow the other team out.

I watch college football to watch teams with heart and high spirits come out and fight for victory. If USC is really as good a team as everyone here says, they should have been able to pullout those games, all of them. They just didnt have the heart, and despite having 100 more yards than the other team, they still weren't able to pull out those games the winner. In that aspect, USC is WAY overrated. Now think, if talent is alll that mattered, why can't USC still get back into the national championship when it's clear that they have the talent to do so? You think that if USC showed more heart in those games they lost, you think it would have came out different? I think so.

it's because they lack one simple thing...Heart. Determination. Sacrifice. the will to work with your teammates to achieve that common goal-Victory. too bad, since apparently heart doesnt count for anything these days, those losses by USC were inevitable.

No more excuses. Everyone's tired of hearing them. Show some heart and some fight when you go down, and maybe, just MAYBE, you win some of those games and you wouldnt have to come up with these lame excuses.