The Dead Man Rises Up to Take On Punk at Breaking Point

lee raydeanCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, wrestling fans, at a new pay-per-view next month, the Undertaker will make his return debut when he takes on heavyweight champion and brutalizer, CM Punk.

Undertaker is going into the ring with a more aggressive Punk (since he's turned heel). I have a feeling that after Taker gets done pummeling on him, Punk is going to need some of those pain killers that he preaches against.

You can tell by the look in Punk's eyes that the Dead man intimidates him. Taker is one of if not the most dangerous man to ever step into the squared circle.

He rises from the depths of hell and stalks those who think they are unstoppable and who think they can take him on with no consequences afterwards.

On last week's Smackdown, after Punk beat Jeff Hardy at their TLC match, Hardy was laying in the middle of the ring when the lights went out. Taker's music came on and when Punk looked down, there was the Undertaker in place of Jeff.

There was fear and panic written all over Punk's face. He didn't know what to do. The dead man choke slammed him. The electricity and excitement filled the arena as the crowd went crazy.

Its going to be interesting to see how Punk is going to try to handle the Taker at Breaking Point Submission. I doubt if he'll be able to use the GTS on him or get him in any submission hold.

Punk should know that you can't hurt a dead man. The Taker knows no fear at all. If Punk thinks for one second that he can make Undertaker tap or say "I quit," then he's living in dreamland.

This is going to be one battle that Punk has no chance of winning. Sure he may give Taker a little hassle, but its no contest.

After Breaking Point, there is a very good chance of Punk not having the belt anymore. What Punk fails to realize or remember is that the dead man is 17-0 at Wrestlemania. So why does this jackass think he can hurt him?

If Punk makes it through this match, he better thank his lucky stars. He may not be so lucky the next time.

I'm not saying that Punk isn't a good wrestler, I'm just saying that its extremely, almost impossible to beat a man that's already dead. Punk's soul will belong to the Taker, like so many others are.

I'll say a prayer for you, CM Punk!