Will Rey Mysterio And The WWE Soon Part Ways?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIISeptember 3, 2009

Rey Mysterio, as many know, violated the WWE Wellness Policy.The WWE was not happy he violated it of course, and for many reasons.

Number one being that he is the current Intercontinental Champion, and number two, he is a huge draw to the Hispanic crowd and an idol for many children.

His merchandise continuously stays near the top of all sold. Should I stop now? I think I will.

Before all of this, the WWE and Mysterio were already at odds.

He has been clamouring for a new contract with more money. The issue with all of this was that he signed a 4 year deal just before his return, which was less than the deal he had before.

Mysterio and the WWE realized that he may not have as much success and not be nearly as good as he was before. The WWE had to sign him to a new deal to keep him on the roster, so they couldn't do a wait and see approach, which would have been better.

He had to be signed, so the WWE signed him. Yet, because Mysterio was coming back, and many thought he wouldn't be nearly as good as he was before, he wanted to prove himself.

He's been great since his return, and the WWE even thought he was good enough to give two IC Title reigns to. So, when he realized he was still just as good as he was before, he wanted a new deal. The WWE didn't want to give it to him, not because they didn't think he was doing well, but because they just don't want to pay him a lot more.

Sure, the WWE is a multi-million dollar company and they could easily pay Mysterio more. But, he signed a big deal in 2008 that was good for both the WWE and Mysterio at the time.

Keep in mind, this was just months before the stock market took a free fall. So, because we are in a recession, money is held on tightly more and more. The WWE is just as concerned about their money as a company that could go out of business soon.

Asking the WWE to give you more money, especially nowadays, may be a bad move on Mysterio's part. He does have an edge, as I mentioned in the opening. But, he makes a good bit of money while also getting some of his merchandise sales.

In fact, this is where it all started.

The WWE needed to save more money, so they took away some of Mysterio's percentage of merchandise sales. He had a case to ask for more, but now, he is lucky to still be employed by the WWE.

The violation of the Wellness Policy is not taken lightly by the WWE. The WWE may have been throwing Mysterio a bone as far as giving him a lengthy title reign or two before, but now he will be lucky to win a few matches upon his return from suspension.

Mysterio was suspended for testing positive for a unauthorized pain killer, yet Mysterio said he had a prescription for it. The issue was that he didn't get it to them in time. He claimed in a interview with the Mexican Press, that he was overseas promoting Summerslam when he got the call that he failed a test.

He said that he asked his doctor to send in the prescription for him, yet it was never seen. Mysterio claimed in the interview that he thought everything was taken care of. But as we know, it wasn't.

In fact, it is being said that he lied about being overseas at the time he found out he failed. He actually found out about it when he returned home, and had well over 24 hours to get the prescription to the WWE according to reports.

So, while Mysterio feels wronged by the WWE, he actually made the biggest blunder. Some are saying the WWE still has not seen a prescription. Others are saying it was seen, just too late to have the suspension overturned.

The interview Mysterio did basically infuriated Vince McMahon. He was said to be so upset, that he may have wanted to humiliate Mysterio on his way out for suspension.

You can tell how mad he was by checking out WWE.com. The top story is "Rey Mysterio suspended for violating the Wellness Policy."

Usually, the WWE tries to keep away from saying that in such a public forum. Especially, because Mysterio is such a big star for them. This is obviously Vince's way of humiliating Mysterio. 

Now, do not scroll down if you don't want to see a "SPOILER"

The WWE had Mysterio drop the IC Title to John Morrison at the recent SmackDown taping. While Mysterio was humiliated by seeing WWE.com, he along with Morrison are receiving praise for their match.

It is said to be a PPV quality match, and it could be Mysterio's last match with the WWE.

He is incredibly angry with the WWE right now, and he has been telling people he may ask for his release soon.

The WWE is not a stranger to people asking for a release when they get on to them for drug issues and/or suspend them. Kurt Angle and RVD were very angry with how they were handled when they were going through drug issues.

Angle was on pain killers, and the WWE talked with him about his issue. They claimed he was abusing them far too much. Angle knew it, but he said he needed them to keep up with the WWE schedule.

He said he asked Vince if he could get a lighter schedule, and Vince said no. Angle was the WWE's top guy at the time, and was in line for another World Title run. Angle knew he wouldn't get the schedule he wanted, so he asked for, and was granted his release from World Wrestling Entertainment.

This was surprising for Vince to do, because Angle just signed a six year deal with the WWE just months before. Vince released him for his health; he knew Angle was on a road to destruction and didn't want to see another Eddie Guerrero or Curt Henning incident.

He told Angle that if he thought he could deal with the schedule again, to come back in six months or so. But instead of doing that, he went to TNA just a few months later, basically slapping Vince in the face.

Needless to say, he is still not happy with Angle.

RVD had a similar path, but not nearly as bad.

RVD was the WWE and ECW Champion when he tested positive for marijuana. The WWE suspended him for 60 days, and RVD lost both of his titles. This is the first time in pro-wrestling history where a wrestler who was double champion, lost them for a drug issue.

While marijuana is not as bad as a prescription pain killer, it still didn't make the WWE look good. This was why they suspended RVD. 

Van Dam knew he wouldn't get to go on the happy train a lot if he was still in the WWE, so he asked for, and was granted his release.

Mysterio could follow a similar path both Angle and RVD did.

He is very upset with how the WWE has treated him, and even though the WWE knows how good he is for them, he would be granted his release if asked.

RVD and Angle were big draws for the WWE, yet they were released when they asked for it. So, I am sure the WWE would release Mysterio if he asked for it.

Quite frankly, Mysterio is not the Mysterio of old if you ask me. His skills have diminished, and he is mainly a low mid-card talent. There are others on the SmackDown roster far more deserving of his spot.

Without the contract issues he was having with the WWE before, he may have never seen an IC Title reign, especially one where he continuously beats the best young talent in the WWE in Dolph Ziggler every PPV.

My question to you is, should Mysterio be upset with how the WWE has treated him and possibly leave or should he realize he was wrong and take the suspension like a man?


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