New York Yankees: Darrell Rasner, and A-Robbed. Yankees Beat The Birds, 8 to 0.

Patrick ReadSenior Writer INovember 17, 2016

May 21, 2008

50,682 settled in to the 58-degree weather, with 13 mph winds, and watched as a "Warming Up-Rod" trend set into the Yankees' offense, as their sizzling hot, new ace blew by the Orioles, causing a forced landing, with a shutout appearance against Baltimore. More radiant heat beamed from the 'pen before the game, as Joba Chamberlain learned that tonight he would start his transition to joining the rotation for the New York Yankees.

Before the Wednesday night game, manager Joe Girardi was asked for his thoughts about Darrell Rasner, and said, "The only thing he can really do better is throw a shutout every time, and we know that's not going to happen." Well, how is two out of three shutouts so far? After retiring the first eight Oriole hitters, Rasner went on to pitch seven shutout innings with a well-placed fastball, and a mixup of swooping curveballs, and knee-buckling changeups.

Hideki Matsui (0 for 3, 2 BB) led off the second inning with a ground out, and was then picked up with a Shelley Duncan (1 for 5) single. Robinson Cano (2 for 5) continued to improve, doubling to right and scoring Duncan. Chad Moeller (2 for 5) showed “the missing stick behind the plate,” and lined a single to left, scoring Cano. Moeller got the game-winning RBI, and Cano scored it.

In keeping with the youth movement of the night, Melky Cabrera (1 for 2, 1 BB) followed Moeller with another single up the middle. Damon (2 for 4) walked the bases loaded, and Moeller scored on a Derrick Jeter (0 for 3, BB) ground out.  The kids accounted for all three runs in the second inning.

Starting off the third was Mr. Alex Rodriguez, who returned last night from the month-long rehab of his quadricep. Alex led off with a flick of the wrist, and a shot over the left center-field wall, increasing the lead to 4-0. Matsui walked, and was then driven to third by a Cano single to right field. While trying to position himself, Melvin Mora reached his bare hand in front of a sliding Matsui. Mora caught a spike, resulting in Mora’s being knocked out of the game with an injured hand.

In keeping with the spirit of hurting hands, Garret Olson then hit Cabrera on the left wrist. The stat says “hit by pitch,” not scared by pitch. Hawkins retaliated for Jeter getting hit, by twice throwing inside. He was tossed. Much like Farnsworth against Boston, who was also ejected and then suspended, for hitting “No One.”

“Intent”, said the league. Did Olson intend to retaliate for Mora getting spiked?  Now you have two Oriole pitchers that actually hit Yankee batters without being tossed, and one Yankee pitcher was ejected again, for hitting "No One."

Joba hit "No One" last year too, and was suspended. It was just after Clemens hit a real someone, and was suspended 5 games.  Boy, "No One" sure does get hit by a lot of pitches though.  Maybe "No One" should learn how to duck. Holy hootin' Hillaries.

"No one" resembled Kevin Youkilis last year, and was hit so hard this year that he changed uniforms, and entire teams. "No one" is now with the Orioles. Ouch. Umpires should not try to take away the inside pitch, or what's better called, "a warning shot." Or is it that the umpires can read minds now?

Johnny Damon's retaliation for the "Cabrera hit by pitch" while still in the third inning, was popping a two-run single to center field, knocking Olson out of the game with a 6-0 Yankee lead after only 2-2/3-innings worked. No runs scored again until the 6th.

Enter the controversy, and a missed home-run call by the umpires in the 6th inning.  Jeter led off the sixth with a walk, and then stole second. Abreu struck out, and then karma caught the Yankees by the tail. In his second game back from rehab, A-Rod made it look too easy, as he eased another one over the center-field wall,  bouncing from over the fence, and back onto the field.  He crushed it while hardly swinging.  The homer was ruled as "hitting off the fence that it just cleared."  A-Robbed!!

The ball sailed over the fence, and struck a set of steps behind the center-field wall. A 430-foot missed call. It is all on tape. The umps conferred right after the protest, and got it wrong, again. The Mets fan who cried "fair ball," while showing the nation the mark on the foul pole, would want to know that there is "evidence" of the Yanks getting robbed as well. The ball cleared the fence by 10 feet. A crystal clear home run, and not by inches either; unless you forgot your glasses

How does one mistake a white ball bouncing off of a dark blue fence, for one that didn't hit the fence at all?  The umpire just made it up.  He visualized the ball banking off of a dark blue wall, because the homer certainly wasn't blocked from his sight.  He then asked the other umpires if they just saw the ball, hit off the blue wall?  And they said, "Yes!"  First it's hitting "No One", and now they're seeing things.  Just grand.

Maybe it was the yellow paint, or call it karma; either way Jeter scored as A-Rod doubled, after being robbed by the umps. It was probably one of the longest-hit doubles in Yankee Stadium history. Matsui then walked, bringing up Duncan. A-Rod took third on a passed ball, and then Duncan grounded to third, forcing Matsui out. A hustling Shelley made it safe to first though, and A-Rod scored, giving the Yankees an 8-0 lead into the 7th, and the final score.

Veras held up allowing no runs in the 7th, and Joba relieved  in the eighth.  Joba then came back out for the ninth. He is now technically extending his innings in preparation to start.  Joba struck out three, walked two, gave up one hit, and no runs. Yankees take game two of three over the Orioles, 8 to 0. 





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