NFL Fans...You Make Me Sick

Ken FossAnalyst IApril 5, 2017

Monday, Aug. 31, 2009, we found out how much of a liar all you suckers are.

For two years I sat by and believed you guys were equally fed up with ESPN's Brett Favre watch, only to find out the truth today when the numbers were released for Monday Night Football. 

Brett Fav...I mean the Minnesota Vikings vs. the Houston Texans drew a 6.0 rating, shattering the previous record for a preseason game on the network.

You've got nowhere to hide.

No other reason to watch that game other than to indulge yourself in the never-ending story of if/when Brett Favre is going to mean it when he retires. It's not like Matt Schaub pulled a 6.0.

Save the, "well the media tells me what to do," garbage. You picked up the clicker, you surfed the channels, and you said Brett Favre or repeats of How I Met Your Mother, and you picked Brett Favre.

So I want you to remember every time you fill Mike and Mike's or Colin Cowturd's mailbag with your Brett Favre (fake) hate. Think of that moment, you lying sacks of turd.

If you really don't want to see Brett Favre on SportsCenter, or see T.O and Chad Johnson have television shows, its really easy. Turn it off. 

But now we have to face the cold hard truth America...You eat this up. Every time Mississippi is brought up you secretly hope he's untiring or retiring.

You watched the game last night hoping he would limp off in the second quarter, give an interview to Rachel Nichols, and retire again only to unretire again at the start of the third.

So pffft. I spit on you lying sacks of turd. Each and every million of you.