Donovan McNabb to the Broncos for Brandon Marshall?

Rustyn RoseContributor ISeptember 1, 2009
Trading Places?

Trading Places?

I read an article last night about a possible A.J. Feeley trade from the Eagles to the Broncos in exchange for disgruntled diva receiver, Brandon Marshall. The author proposed to slop in a combination of wide receivers, Hank Baskett, Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown (at least one of whom is likely to be cut or traded this week anyway) to round out the deal. Not an improbable idea, but why settle for cast-offs when you can get value for value? Donovan McNabb has had mixed success in Philadelphia and has often come head to head with coach Andy Reid over the years. McNabb has made it clear that he sees Vick as a distraction and a gimmick, and I for one, agree.

In my mind the signs are there that McNabb’s seasons (if not days) in Eagles garb are numbered. Why else would the hierarchy bring in Michael Vick? There is no way to have two primadonna QBs coexist on one team without heavy fallout. For a team supposedly focused on getting to the Super Bowl this season, such obvious distraction seems contradictory to the team’s ultimate goal. Or is it? Will Vick’s presence all season derail McNabb’s poise in the pocket, or will it make him all the more determined to remind the Eagles why he is THE man in Philly?

This week’s fourth and final preseason game in New York, against the Jets, could be a very telling sign of the Eagle’s future under center. The final tune-up will see back-up QB Kevin Kolb start the first half, with Michael Vick starting the second half. Where do you shoehorn in your star QB in the team’s most important preseason effort before the regular season starts? Hmm, odd.

The only reason the Eagles organization would bring in someone like Vick, who comes with a freight-train of strain, distraction, and extraneous luggage, is if the team has long-term plans for him. Vick has made no secret of the fact that he intends to be a starting NFL quarterback again, and soon. Ownership is shuffling the clam shells around hoping no one will look under the correct one and see the future plan. I see it, and I’m sure McNabb does too. If Vick plays well in 2009, McNabb is toast in 2010.

This would be McNabb’s 10th season for the Eagles. He has never eclipsed 4000 yards passing, and has only played all 16 games four times in his career. Perhaps it is time for a change of scenery for the vet. Are you paying attention Jeffrey Lurie?  Why not send McNabb and say, Reggie Brown to the Broncos for Marshall, and get this whole thing over with? Feeley can stay in Philly or be traded to Belichick in New England. You get the star receiver you’ve been without since T.O. departed, and you still have Kevin Kolb in the wings. Win/win scenarios are so hard to come by, but I think this could work. Just sayin’.

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