It's Time to See a Rey and Chavo Tag Team

Dynamite BillCorrespondent ISeptember 2, 2009

Hello ladies and fellows. I honestly want to ask you a question: Aren't you disgusted of seeing Chavo being jobbed around by that little bastard?

Well I am, but I came up with an idea about how Chavo can get his honour back by teaming with Rey Mysterio.

There are several reasons that this Chavo-Rey team will help WWE.

First of all we need to see a new and good tag team. We also need to see Chavo getting a title after his humiliation.

I have made some story-lines about how this can happen. So, let's get started.

Storyline No. 1

Big Show and Chris Jericho talk trash to Chavo and even insult the dead Eddie Guerrero. Chavo then attack them but he is beaten up. Then Rey gets in the ring and beats Big Show and Chris Jericho, making them get out of the ring.

Then he helps Chavo get back on his feet. They shake hands climb on the top of the turnbuckles(ting posts for those who don't know) and show to Jeri-Show that they want their titles.

They decide to name their Team Viva La 619. At the next PPV, Viva La 619 goes against Jeri-Show in a regular match. They defeat them with a double-team move on the Big Show, with Rey mysterio doing a seaten-senton and Chavo does the bullfrog splash on the big show at the same time.

Storyline No. 2

Chris Jericho makes fun of Rey Mysterio and then un-masks him. Chavo attacks the Y2J from behind and makes him leave the ring. Then he grabs Rey Mysterio's mask and gives it back to Rey while saying, "I believe this is yours, Rey."

They decide to form a tag team to take down the team of Big Show and Jericho. At the next PPV they face both Jeri-Show and Cryme Tyme in a triple-threat match and defeat them to take the titles.

Storyline No. 3

Chris Jericho comes out and talks trash about both Mysterio and Chavo. They both get in the ring and beat the living hell out of him.

When Big Show tries to assist him, he gets a Double DDT. At the next PPV we have the same result, Viva La 619 are the new Unified Tag Team Champions. 

Well that was all for today; hope you enjoyed my article.