TNA's Immediate Future Looks Promising! Promising!

Ian HarrisonCorrespondent ISeptember 2, 2009

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA - NOVEMBER 18:  Wrestler Jeff Jarrett arrives at the Spike TV 'Video Game Awards 2005' at the Gibson Amphitheater on November 18, 2005 in Universal City, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Not exactly the face you expected to see?  Well with the news that Jeff Jarrett is returning to television "sooner, rather than later." TNA fans are excited for the future.

There are a lot of big things coming from TNA in the near future.  Sting is on his final ride in professional wrestling.  Jeff Jarrett is returning to television, and a certain free-agent's 90-day no compete clause just ran out.  Yeah, THAT one.

But that is still not the limit of the exciting things to come.  I sense a Homicide heel turn that could potentially propel him into the main-event scene, as well as the impending Samoa Joe face turn.

I used to be a TNA hater, but when Mr. Ken Anderson screams his name in the Impact Zone, I will mark out.

I'm a huge fan of Samoa Joe.  I can't wait to see Joe in the main-event scene again.  I am also a massive Homicide mark, so the thought of him in the main-event scene gets me excited.

The thought of Sting leaving wrestling gets me excited.  I HATE Sting.  I've never bought him as a main-eventer.  

However, I'm hoping he will be able to make a believer out of Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash.  Hopefully when Sting leaves, they do too.

We could begin to see TNA cross that line they're always talking about, but that can't happen with five 40-50-year-old men ruling the main-event scene.  With the arrival of Mr. Anderson, and a Samoa Joe face turn, we could potentially see the end of the Main Event Mafia.

Hopefully, TNA can go back to what made them exciting in the first place.  Wrestling.

One can only hope.