Five WVU Freshmen to Watch: No. 2, WR Logan Heastie

Frank AhrensSenior Writer ISeptember 2, 2009

The first thing you need to know about true freshman Logan Heastie is that his last name is pronounced "HAY-stee." (While we're at it, fellow wide receiver Alric Arnett goes by "ALE-rick" and as far as we know, former wide receiver Dorrel Jalloh is still "Ja-LAW.")

The second thing to know is that he was meant to be a passing pair with high school teammate Tajh Boyd for years at WVU. I even saw "Boyd to Heastie" t-shirts at Mountaineer Field last year. But Boyd flaked out even after being told he was the only quarterback WVU was recruiting in his year and ended up at Clemson, where he'll redshirt this year.

But Heastie, his own man, stayed true to his commitment to WVU. And with him, WVU got another one of something that it hasn't had in a long time but seems now to be recently stockpiling: Receivers over six feet tall.

Heastie's calling card:

Rather than size and speed, which he has, maturity. Heastie knew from an early age he wanted to play at a big-time college program and then go on to the NFL. So instead of blowing off school, as so many young men with the same dream do, he doubled down, graduating early so he could get to WVU and get to work.

He enrolled in January, which enabled him to go through spring practice, which gives him a leg up on other freshmen receivers. After watching college football for 20 years, I have found that talent goes a long way but brains and level-headedness goes even further.

Size, nearly meaningless high school stats:

6'2", 194 pounds. The Virginian finished with 58 receptions for 886 yards and nine touchdowns as a senior. As a junior, caught 58 passes for 1,068 yards, an average of 21.4 yards per catch, and 17 touchdowns. Runs a 4.3-second 40-yard dash. Five-star recruit, for whatever that's worth.

The plan:

Getting Heastie in to the regular wide-receiver rotation as early as possible. He had a catch in the spring game.

Where you'll see Heastie on the field:

Backing up Arnett at one wide receiver position.


Okay, all you've got to do is watch the first clip on this to see what he does to the defensive back after catching the ball.