What the UNC Vs. Citadel Game Will Tell Fans About the Heels

Justin CrawfordCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2009

WINSTON SALEM, NC - OCTOBER 27:  Wide receiver Greg Little #8 of the University of North Carolina Tar Heels during the ACC game at the Groves Stadium, on October 27, 2007 in Winston Salem,North Carolina.  (Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

It is upon us: The beginning of the 2009 football season.


Fall will officially begin (in my book) as soon as the kickoff at six o’clock in Kenan Stadium when North Carolina faces The Citadel.


There is a feeling of hope and, of course, much hype surrounding the Heels this year. The fans are hoping that when the New Year rolls around, the Heels will be playing in a big bowl game. Can this be achieved?


We will know the answer to this question by the time the last play has been run Saturday. Many will think that this is saying too much about this game, after all, the Citadel is a Football Championship Team, but I disagree.


An avid fan will be able to tell much about UNC by how the Heels play, and whether or not they can make the big play in big situations.


While the more important games will take place later in the season, this game will set the precedent for the rest of the season.


Of course, this game was scheduled to be a piece of cake, and an early win. The game can be considered a preseason game that counts, but a game like this is very important for a young team. It would be difficult for them to open up the season against the likes of Alabama which Virginia Tech does have to do. This would be a demoralizing situation to a young team.


What can be expected from this game?


Butch Davis will get a good idea of which wide receivers will get the most playing time in crunch time.


Although, in a game like this it is likely that Butch Davis will use a variety of players, so Tar Heel fans can get a good idea of who will get the majority of playing time. The week one depth chart was released this week by Scout.com, and the wide receiver situation has been sorted out


The receivers lineup with Greg Little starting and Johnny White will surprisingly be his backup, and on the other side Dwight Jones will start with Joshua Adams adequately backing him up. After the game, it should be clear why Butch Davis chose these four guys, if not, we may see change there.


Furthermore, the Tar Heel faithful will see how good T.J. Yates looks, and how the weak side linebacker position will play out as it looks like Zach Brown will start Saturday.


Much more can be picked up from this game than a first glance will provide. The Tar Heel team will start to take shape, and be ready for the harder games to come after this warm-up game.