I'm Just Saying: The WWE Creative Team Is Now at a "Cross-Roads"

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIISeptember 1, 2009

First off, I'd like to say that I was very excited about the ending of WWE RAW. People have been giving flack to the WWE's creative and writing team for giving us crappy storylines for the last few months, but many will have to say RAW improved last night.

I was watching the beginning of RAW and when the guest host Dusty Rhodes said his son Cody was going to face WWE Champion Randy Orton for the title later that night, I was kind of thinking this was going to be a replay from a previous RAW where "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase hosted.

DiBiase, Sr. has a son by the name of Ted DiBiase, Jr, who is in the group Legacy along with Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton. DiBiase Sr., didn't like what Orton was doing with his son, so he had his son go one-on-one with the Viper.

DiBiase showed a lot of heart in that match-up with Orton, and it was great to see. He actually proved to the creative team and the world that he could hang with a guy like Randy Orton.

It was all in a losing effort, but it was exciting to watch. Once DiBiase lost his match with Orton, he quickly wondered why his father would put him in such a match.

He thought his father was just trying to make him look bad and everything was all about Sr. and things would never be about Jr. He slapped him, and walked off.

Now, I am sure he loves his father. But, it is not as documented as Dusty Rhodes' relationship with Cody. The WWE just now started something up with the DiBiase's, but they looked to end the relationship between the two early.

Dusty and Cody have already been in a few storylines together and Cody and Dustin Rhodes (Goldust) were there to induct their father into the Hall of Fame a few years back. As a matter of fact, it was in the same arena there were in that night.

So, the WWE capitalized on this and made it to where Cody and Dusty were in with Orton to take out John Cena in the match-up.

A father will do anything for his son, so the WWE wanted you to think that Dusty thought Legacy was good for his son and wanted to help them out as guest host.

Then, once everyone looked to be on the same page, Orton RKOed Dusty Rhodes. This infuriated Cody, because he was not in on this from what we could tell.

However, it looked as if Rhodes didn't know what to do. Attack Orton or sit back and let him get away with RKOing his father, who he has had a documented relationship with.

The acting Rhodes did was very good. Usually wrestlers tend to be average actors as far as facial emotion. The ones who can do what he did, are the ones you see in the spotlight a lot.

The fact that is was believable and not something that was: "OK, Dusty got RKOed, woopty do." Cody made that segment if you ask me. I personally think he did not get enough praise for it, which is why I want to recognize his brilliance in it. I'm just saying.

This is probably the best ending to a RAW show in some time, and that really made me and many other fans happy. 

Legacy is easily at the top of the list as far as storylines go for the creative team. They don't have to worry about DX because Triple H and HBK usually write their own stuff. Heck, HHH is on the creative team for crying out loud.

You would think they would have done something like this earlier. People forget that Dusty was not supposed to host last night. A celeb had to back out, and Dusty was on the short list for back-up hosts.

I feel that the creative team needs to really start to pull Legacy apart. You may think I am nuts, but this is the best-case scenario. The storyline pulling them apart would be great to watch.

Cody may have enough of Orton taking out his father by next week.

Keep in mind, Orton kicked Dusty in the skull a few years back. This was around the time Cody was coming into the WWE, he tried to avenge his father, but it was in a losing effort.

I was surprised when the WWE put him in the faction, because you would think personal issues would come into play here. Now that they are back in play here, the WWE has the ultimate opportunity to do something with them.

I feel that Cody will be out of the group first, then DiBiase will be. Now, this may be a spoiler for some, but DiBiase is supposed to turn face by Survivor Series. Which as many know, is in November.

The reason this is happening is because DiBiase starred in the "Marine 2," a sequel to the most successful WWE Films Project to date, "The Marine."

DiBiase also has an issue with Orton, as he kicked him in the head late last year. I think something is going to have to set him off too. Since we are now familiar with his brother Brett, we could see Orton punt him in the head.

He is in training down in FCW right now, and won't be on a main roster for some time. So, the WWE can easily use him in a storyline here, especially one where he would just get kicked in the head and stay out for a while.

Because DiBiase is supposedly not on good terms with his father, Brett is the only person the WWE could use as a person Orton could take out to get under Ted's skin. 

Cody and Ted need to get out of the group in style, so the WWE has some thinking to do.

You're at a Cross-Roads, creative team. What do you do here? Do you give us what we want to see, where Rhodes avenges the wrong doing, then it is followed by a DiBiase storyline.

Or, do you give us a terrible storyline where Orton somehow convinces Rhodes and/or DiBiase that taking out their family members was all for their benefit?