Are People Ready for a San Antonio Spurs Repeat?

Matthew ThompsonContributor IMay 21, 2008

Seven out of ten people said New Orleans was going to beat the Spurs in game seven.  I myself doubted that the Spurs were going to win but after reading what one of three that picked the Spurs to win, it changed my mind.   His question was how many games have the Spurs lost in a row - not in their home town?  This was the fourth game in New Orleans, they lost three, they will not lose again.

Now that is history.  Spurs have proved themselves to be the ones to watch out for.  But are people really thinking that way?  Not the ones I hear, "I don't think they will win it all for one reason. Their Bench. They aren't as deep as LA, Boston or Detroit. That will be their downfall."

All I have to say is how deep was the other teams they played last year?  How deep were the ones they have played in the playoffs this year?  Really I don't know what he means by we don't have anyone that is deep.  But that really doesn't matter. 

I follow the Spurs, not any other team so I don't know what is new with LA, Boston or Detroit.  They still have Kobe who played for the Lakers last year didn't he?  What has LA done, what is the difference from last year's Lakers and this year's?

Spurs and Lakers split four games this year I hear.  Both winning their home games.  But this is the playoffs, loser goes home.  It isn't like reg. season, just like last year.  Spurs have been there and they know what they are up against.  Of course so has the Lakers.  So this should prove to be a great series but I feel that just like last year, Spurs are going to show everyone just who are the real Champions.

Tonight's game?  I predict the Spurs to come out on top by 8. Reason being is the Spurs are hot, they are just coming off a game and the Lakers have been just playing around, trying to stay warm for how many days now?

Here's your chance, who do you think is going to win and why?  Then we will see who will eat their words in the end.  Give it your best shot!

Go Spurs Go!!!