Brett Favre vs. Michael Vick: Who Was the Bigger Story This Summer?

John LorgeSenior Writer ISeptember 1, 2009

On January 1, 2003, Michael Vick shocked the world when he led the underdog Atlanta Falcons into Lambeau Field for a 27-7 upset victory over the Green Bay Packers.  The loss marked the first time the Packers had ever lost a playoff game at Lambeau.

There was no rivalry between Brett Favre and Michael Vick before this game, nor did one arise from it, but it wasn't the last time the two's paths would cross.

After two retirements for Favre and two years in purgatory for Vick, the two met in a rare showdown in the summer of 2009.

Who would win the headlines?  Who would SportsCenter cover harder?  Who is more important now?

If you are like me you tried to avoid the circus as much as possible—don't get me wrong, I was awaiting two see the outcome of Favre and Vick's situations as much as any diehard football fan—but there is only so much smoke one person can handle.

Now that the smoke has cleared and both QBs are wearing their legendary numbers in new cities, I want to know who was the bigger story?

I used the Google Insights tool to look at the entire searches for "Favre" and "Vick" in the United States over the past 30 days. 

As you can see from the chart, Michael Vick was getting much more attention as a whole.

The Midwest was enamored with Favre searches, led by Wisconsin and Minnesota, with the Dakotas trailing behind them.

For Vick, Pennsylvania and Delaware were most interested in the story.  The Falcons' home state was third, followed by Maryland, New Jersey, DC, and the Carolinas in a tight bunch. 

Vick received more search interest in Favre's home state, which may come as a surprise, and neither athlete was overwhelmingly popular in the places where they grew up and played their amateur ball.

So, there you have it, in case you were wondering who was the biggest story of the NFL offseason, now you know!