Dissecting RealGM's Report Of a Potential Chris Bosh Re-Signing

micheal malcolmCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2009

BEIJING - AUGUST 12:  Chris Bosh #12 of the United States looks on while taking on Angola during the men's preliminary round basketball game at the Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium during Day 4 of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games on August 12, 2008 in Beijing, China.  (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

While I am not the type to indulge in RealGM’s off-the-wall, imaginary articles, I must comment on the article they have posted labeled “Bosh now Willing to At least Consider Extension” This article would be eaten up by basketball fans from Toronto hoping that Bosh has given some inkling that he will in fact commit to the Raptors.


SIDEBAR: I notice the same story is on ESPN however you have to be an ‘insider’ to read it. Who wants to pay $15 a month for stories they have likely pulled from sites like REALGM.com? (Just a thought)


After reading this here are some conclusions that I have made


1) With Chris spending the majority of his summer here, there were only two outcomes: either he was going to like it or not like it. With Bosh ‘liking’ Toronto doesn’t really mean much it helps but it’s not earth-shattering news.


2) Chris thought last year’s team was good. What the heck was he thinking? A broken- down Jermaine O’Neal does not compare to newcomers Turkoglu, Belinelli, Jack, Wright, and DeRozan. Clearly Bosh shouldn’t be vying for any open GM positions soon.


3) He doesn’t want the team to do bad? This is news because there are NBA players that want their teams to do badly.


4) He applauds his GM’s off-season work. This is nothing new Bosh would be foolish to say anything otherwise, and really if he didn’t like the moves he’d likely be the only person that did.


5) The key point about Bosh allegedly wanted to sign in Toronto is quoted as such


Earlier this offseason, Bosh indicated that he wasn't interested in discussing an extension, but he his interest is at least slightly piqued


Besides stating the obvious grammatical errors with the statement, to define the word ‘piqued’ (according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary) is to


1 : to arouse anger or resentment in : irritate

2 a : to excite or arouse especially by a provocation, challenge, or rebuff b : pride


So basically we’ve angered or caused resentment towards Chris Bosh in some unknown quantity? Or perhaps we’ve challenged him in another vague manner or are we looking to ‘rebuff’ him?


Conclusively there is nothing of any substance to be gained from this report. This doesn’t indicate anything that Raptor fans didn’t already know (Chris likes Toronto, and Chris is a fan of Colangelo’s off-season moves). Does any of this sound like Chris Bosh has made up his mind? Does it sound like he’s more open to re-signing? Stripping away everything at the heart of the matter we can conclude our collective IQ has been lowered for reading the ‘report’ on the REALGM website.