Chicago Bulls, What Will You Do with No. 1 Pick in NBA Draft?

John LewisSenior Writer IMay 21, 2008

Now that the NBA lottery picks have been announced, the top selection went to the Chicago Bulls. 

But with a handful of potential Hall of famers available who should the baby Bulls choose?

Chicago is loaded at the four spot and has three capable players at the guard position, so my pick might surprise everyone...Stanford's Brook Lopez.

I understand the Michael Beasley was arguably the best player in college basketball and has a lot of upside and Derrick Rose would fit nicely in the front court, but Lopez is a true 7-footer with a high basketball IQ and the skills to fill up the middle; a position the Bulls are lacking in.

Yes, I understand that Beasley has an NBA body and will fill up the scoreboard, but the Bulls are filled with many power forwards and Beasley can't play center. 

I also understand that Rose, a Chicago native, will be great with the basketball in his hands and will potentially score between 15-20 points per game.

However, the reason why Lopez could be a better fit is his low post and rebounding ability, something the Bulls desperately lack. 

He's also ready to play now and with Joakim Noah and Aaron Gray at center the outlook isn't good.  Noah is too immature and Gray is still developing.

Just look at the top position players:

Point Guard Kirk Hinrich - 11.5 points per game (14.4 career average) and six assists

Shooting Guard Larry Hughes - 12.2 points per game (14.9 career average)

Shooting Guard Ben Gordon - 18.6 points per game (18.0 career average)

Small Forward Andres Nocioni - 13.2 points per game (12 career average)

Small Forward Luol Deng - 17 points per game (15.6 career average) and six rebounds 

Power Forward Drew Gooden - 12 points per game (12 career average) 8.6 rebounds

Center Joakim Noah - 6.6 points per game and 5.6 rebounds.

While Beasley would be a certain upgrade over Gooden at the power forward spot the Bulls are not short on scorers and Beasley would more than likely take too many shots and not gel with the team right away.

Lopez would easily be an upgrade over Noah and quickly solidify the paint and be more of a team player.  Not to mention that Noah was the only position on the Bulls that didn't put up double digits in points.

It would be very difficult to pass on Beasley and Rose because of their serious potential at the next level, but Lopez can easily put a double—double night after night and we all know that championship teams are built in the paint.

What do you think?