TNA's Dixie Carter: A Closer Look

Jesse MitchellCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2009

Well, exclusive to me and to Bleacher Report. Hold on, I'll explain.

The Baltimore Sun's Kevin Eck scored the most coveted interview in Sports Entertainment with Miss Dixie Carter the day after her first TV appearance on Impact.

He has agreed to allow me to highlight parts of the interview for an article here, exclusive to Bleacher's own.

Kevin writes an awesome wrestling blog, in addition to his job as a full-time journalist. He actually gets paid to do this, and loves it as much as anyone. I will give you a link to his stuff at the end.

So what is Dixie's role in the company going to be? What is the status of Kurt Angle's real life domestic violence arrest? Is Lashley still in MMA?

Read on wrestling phenoms, read on.

First off, was I the only one thinking Dixie Carter was the same Dixie Carter from the old TV show, Designing Women?

Well, not only is she not, but she's hot.

Like really hot.

Supposedly, she came on the show to announce TNA's new three-year television deal while introducing Bobby Lashley as a full-time member of the TNA roster.

But what about Jeff Jarrett dating Kurt Angle's wife (in real life, too) and Kurt's domestic violence arrest regarding Rhaka Khan? If you did not know either of these were real-life issues, check out Kevin's previous blogs.

Besides being really good at dodging questions and advances by the interviewer (conversation, dummy, not sexual), she did give us enough information to chew on and a lot of stuff to write about.

First off, Miss Carter did indeed announce a new three-year television deal with Spike, and hinted there were discussions about challenging RAW head-to-head.

TNA would obviously need some serious money to do this, and Viacom (owner of Spike and CBS, among others) could certainly help there.

Dixie stated that TNA was actually beating RAW, Smackdown, and Superstars in their overseas market, attributing that to there being more programming available for the fans to watch.

Well, duh! She announced they were in discussions with other networks in the hopes of offering more programs, including a possible 100 percent Knockouts show.

She dodged the question of why she left the title on Kurt Angle in spite of his ongoing trouble with Jarrett (his wife divorced him, and is now living with Jarrett...ouch!) and his girlfriend, Rhaka Khan. She simply said she will let the legal system "do what it does best," and will make any decisions after that.

Good enough for me. Plus, Kurt's contract is coming up, and some of WWE's officials have hinted that they may indeed be interested.

Rhaka Khan is still employed by TNA, despite getting a restraining order on Kurt Angle, following him to a coffee shop and then falsely telling police he had followed her there, resulting in his arrest. Charges are pending against her for filing a false complaint.

Hey, this is starting to sound like a legitimate Vince Russo storyline, huh? But it is not, unfortunately.

Another dodge on Jeff Jarrett: He is still involved in the company, but in the background. There are no plans to "write him" into any future storylines as of now.

Dixie says she has also been more involved in the creative side of the sport lately. She said she would rather leave that up to the experts, but due to fan complaints she was taking a closer look.

BTW, did you know that Dixie Carter used to book wrestling for Ole Miss?


My biggest take from the whole interview is that she really thinks there is nothing wrong with TNA the way it sits right now, at least as far as storylines and booking goes.

She said we should have noticed the changes so far, and would notice others in the future to better develop the younger wrestlers while keeping the veterans engaged.

She was mum on Sting's retirement.

So it looks like our hope and dreams of a wrestling company to compete with Vince is not going to happen any time soon. They might appear in the same time slot, but it will be like the post-NWO WCW all over again.

I hope she proves me wrong, because right now Vince has no incentive whatsoever to improve his product. It seems like ROH is the only organization on the right track creatively with what the fans want, and rumor has it that ROH's days are numbered.

The two questions I wished Kevin had asked: Why Vince Russo, and why not Jim Cornette as booker?

Kevin asked many more questions and I just highlighted what I had seen come across BR's headlines the last couple of weeks.

If you would like to read the entire interview, plus all of Kevin's other great articles, you can go to, and then follow the arrows to wrestling! It will be under blogs on the home page as well.

Hope this was coherent, because I am on day two and a half into a three-day research session for my doctorate thesis and am about bummed!

So please, let me know, is Dixie Carter really hot, and not some washed up movie star from the eighties my Mom used to watch.