Are You a Wrestling-Maniac?? Prove It in the Quiz (Round 1)

Dynamite BillCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2009

Hey fellows and ladies, do you believe you are real wrestling maniacs? Prove it.

You will have to answer to my question and the number in brackets is the points you get if you answer correct.

Have in mind that only the first 80 people to answer will take place in the contest so the sooner you start the better.

Let's go:

1: Who were the eight wrestlers who wrestled in the eight-man elimination match for the U.S. title that Theodore Long created?(4)

2: Who was the first woman to compete in the Royal Rumble?(2)

3: For how much time did Rey Mysterio wrestled to win the Royal Rumble (answer in minutes: e.g., 1 minute and 37 seconds)(4)

4: At the Survivor Series match between Team Angle and Team Lesnar who tapped out to the Angle-lock (a) Big Show b) Lesnar c) Matt Morgan d) Nathan Jones e) A-Train) (3)

5: List the three members of Demolition (that's easy) (1)

6: Who holds the record of eliminating the most wrestlers in a Rumble match, and how many wrestlers did he eliminate? (4)

7:  Who was the survivor of the Team Smackdown vs Team Raw match? (this one is a 1 point free...) (1)

8:  Which tag team has the longest title reign? (2)

9:  Who is the tallest? Giant Gonzalez, The Great Khali or Andre the Giant? (2)

10: Who won the WWE vs. ECW Royal Rumble match?(2)

11: Who did Austin defeat to become King of the Ring?(3)

IMPORTANT!: I BEG YOU! do not use wikipedia or any other website to cheat and get full correct-answers if you do so you will screw the whole thing up.

Also I will do exactly this sort of quiz and I will keep a ranking so be sure to take part from the first quiz (this one).

The ranking style will be total and not average e.g player1 got 10 in the first and 10 the 2nd while player to did only the second but got a 19 even though player 2 has a better average player 1 is ranked over player 2 because i count the total. Thanks.