Fret Not Timberwolves Fans

Ticket BoyContributor ISeptember 1, 2009

NEW YORK - JUNE 25:  Jonny Flynn looks on prior to the 2009 NBA Draft at the Wamu Theatre at Madison Square Garden June 25, 2009 in New York City. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

So what if Rubio is gone. So what if we probably won't see him ever don the great blue and white. That is his loss. We are fans of an organization that has been through this before. We have been slapped in our faces many times before and we have learned to turn the other cheek. I am not writing to recite all of the bad things that have happened to us in the past, I am writing to remind us all of the good things that will happen to us in the future.

I was watching ESPN First Take this morning, and I saw Scoop JAckson and Skip Bayless discussing Ricky Rubio not coming to the Wolves. The question was "Ricky Rubio is..." and they had to finish the sentence. And both of them immediately pronounced him as a bust. Why? Because they looked at his misguiding stats.

Right now, I want to tell all of the Rubio haters how they are wrong. They all say that he can't shoot a jumper. He led the Euro league in 3-point percentage last year. The only problem that his jumper contains is his form.

They all say that he will be burned by the better competition that the NBA has. Well he seemed right in place with Jason Kidd, Chris Paul, and Deron William. All three of them are top-10 player at the point guard position in the NBA. And lets not forget that he did this at the ripe age of 17.

They say he will be bad at defense, because he hasn't played against NBA competition. Well, he defended pretty well in the Olympics, and he was named Euroleage defensive player of the year. By the way, for all of those who don't know, Euroleague is better than the NCAAB.

Now here is the other thing, Rubio had a reported $8.1 million buyout. That is a tonof money for kid earning $91,000 a year. Irt is not like Rubio didn't want ot play in 'Sota or anything, but the problem is that he couldn't get enough money to pay for the buyout.

Plus, its not like Rubio the Wolves need him right now or our championship hopes will be sputtered. We were never going to get to the playoffs in the next two seasons anyways. So the good part about this is that we get to see what Jonny Flynn can do for this team.

With the sixth pick in the 2009 NBA draft the MInnesota Timberwolves selected Jonny Flynn. People lets not forget that Rubio was gift wrapped for us. We were not supposed to pick him. Our man was Jonn Flynn, and then we would get our choice of either James Harden or Tyreke Evans with the sixth pick. WE GOT OUR MAN.

Throughout this whole summer we have been wondering who will be our number one guy? Who is going to be the player than we can rely on when we need a bucket. I am here to say this and be the first one to say this, but I thin Jonny Flynn can be that guy. Rubio was never going to be that guy, but Jonny Flynn has the potential to become that guy.

Jonny Flynn is a vrey vocal leader, when you see him play, he is always communicating wth his teamamtes and making sure they are in the right place. Not only that, but this guy is definetly not camera shy, and is very charismatic. The Wolves just got themselves another great personality.

On the court, Flynn is always probing the defense for weaknesses. He can get into the paint at will and then dish the ball off when the defense collapses on him. He is like a reincarnation of Chris Paul, escept he is not that good defensively.

Flynn can also shoot he ball very well, from behin the arc or with that mid-range shot. He actually shot above 50% from behind the arc during the summer league. And his free-throw percentage was in the 90% range.

All in all, what I am saying is that, if you are a fan don't give up on this team. We still have about $23 million in cap space next season, and we can sign a player like Rudy Gay with that kind of money. We also have possibly 3 draft picks in next years "strong" draft.

And, if I get proven wrong and Flynn turns out to be and average player, we still have really good point gaurd in Spain who is improving his game there so he can be better for us here.