Golden Oppurturnity For Jermain Defoe To Show His Worth

Monkey GorrilaContributor ISeptember 1, 2009

LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 29:  Jermaine Defoe of Tottenham Hotspur during the Barclays Premier League match between Totenham Hotspur and Birmingham City at White Hart Lane on August 29, 2009 in London, England.  (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

International Football isn't too long away as England's Boss Fabio Capello continue to be spotted travelling around England watching important matches in the English Premier League to see his boys in action. Of course he is also there to see the England possible candidate to replace current players who do not perform. Certainly he takes his jobs seriously as we see him in EPL's big matches and even was there to congratulate Frank Lampard after Chelsea defeated Manchester United 4 - 1 in penalty after a 2 - 2 draw to win the first silverware of the season, the Community Shield.

The last England friendly match saw England down at the first half with goals from Kuyt and Van Der Vaart at the 10 and 37 minute. Fabio Capello must have screw the England squad who were without key player Steven Gerrard at half time break and his dreams along with Englands undefeated streak were ready to be shattered by Holland until Capello's guardian angel came to the rescue.

Capello substituted Defoe on to the field which helped England sealed a 2 - 2 draw as Mighty Defoe netted 2 goals at the 49th and 77th minutes.

So as Capello made a huge statement warning Manchester United's 'crazy man' as reported

"Fabio Capello has offered Wayne Rooney a timely reminder of his responsibilities as an England player following his furious reaction to being sent off in Manchester United's defeat by Fulham last weekend, choosing to break the ice on the issue by jokingly branding the striker "a crazy man" in front of the national squad"

Indeed Wayne Rooney is a crazy man after reacting like a crazy man in that match and he certainly can not play under extremely pressure. When England went down to Portugal in a match [i couldn't remember when but here's a video for it] we see Wayne Rooney playing like a wild boar on the field pulling and stepping on the poor Chelsea Defender [even on his pexxx], and after the foul, he acts as he never done anything pushing away the Portugal players as Englands player rush to try their best to aid him. Terry must be screwing his mind on what to tell the ref to get Rooney out of trouble after his teammate step on 'his teammate's' pexxx. :-)

Fabio Capello has always bare in mind how crazy Mr. Rooney is when things get bad, after seeing Chelsea come back more than twice after going down in the first half, Rooney's crazy act might just cost England their long awaited FIFA World Cup!!! [Which I Strongly agree he would]

Then came Defoe who starts to show his quality in Tottenham by helping the club to (currently) secondly losing to Chelsea only by 1 GD. Defoe is also top score (equal with England's crazy man Rooney) and certainly helped Tottenham defeat big four Liverpool by playing his role.

Being young, calm and talented, Defoe is a suitable player to be on the first team of England and maybe even replace the crazy man which might cost England their World Cup chance.

This Saturday is a perfect chance for Defoe to show England's Big Boss who is the man for his England team as Tottenham and Manchester United comes head to head with each other. Both Striker are the key striker of their team and both teams wants their points and both striker have same number of goals to continue to sit at the top scorer spot.

Winning the match is important and losing it will almost cost him everything. Winning means Tottenham remains high flying (as they should) and Defoe should remain at the top scorer sheet and certainly make a huge statement to Capello that he is the man. Losing means Tottenham drop out to Chelsea by 3 points and Defoe losing his top scorer spot and Defoe continue living in the shadows of England's Crazy man [which I would like to say again, will cost England their FIFA World Cup. ( is just my view)]