Double CrossRhodes: Did The American Dream Save Monday Nights

The RookieCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2009

If you was not able to catch this past Monday Night RAW, then you missed "The American Dream", Dusty Rhodes hosting, and putting his son Cody in the main event against "Legacy" leader, and WWE Champion Randy Orton.

Before the match, Legacy cut a couple of promos, hyping the match up. Fast forward into the main event, and as Cody and his father make their entrance, "Dream" turns on Cena and then Legacy attacks Cena, until DX comes down in the ring and tries to help.

However, Legacy with the help of Dusty's good ol' boot gets the best of DX and Cena. They celebrate until, "The Viper" strikes with an RKO on the "Dream," Cody then spazzes out and RAW is over...

So now you all ask, "Why or How did the "Dream" save RAW? Simply because he has started what could be many possibilities of fresh storylines WWE can use, involving Legacy.


Storyline A

On the night of "Breaking Point," WWE could go many ways, by either having Cody turn on Randy and Ted, screwing Randy out the title in the process and starting a feud.


Storyline B

Cody is backstage with Ted and convinces him to turn on Randy, therefore Orton is finally alone, and has to feel the wrath of D-Generation-X, John Cena, Rhodes and DiBiase.


Storyline C

Have the "Dream" cheat Orton out of the WWE Championship at "Breaking Point," and therefore The Rhodes can start their own alliance and face Legacy.


Storyline D

The fathers of the members of Legacy, will start their own "legends" alliance, facing their sons.


Storyline E

WWE finally gives RAW a permanent General Manager, "Dusty Rhodes," and he makes the lives of Legacy, mainly Orton's, a living nightmare.


Storyline F

Randy and Ted turn on Cody, for looking weak, kicking him out of Legacy in the process, and giving Ted's little brother, Brett, Cody's spot in the group.

There are many other storylines or paths WWE could take this, it'll be best if they do this, but we'll see...

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