Ken's Rants: This Stuff Is Stupid, Part 2—the "Rome Is Burning" Edition

Ken ArmerSenior Writer IMay 21, 2008

With Part 2 of this series complete, I now feel like the proverbial complainer, Jim Rome. Anyway...on to the show.

Chris Burman, take a seat, this one is directed at your employer, and you being the face of ESPN makes you as guilty as they are.

1. Regarding football, sure Chris, the whole "whoop" thing on football replays is cute in week one. Come week 16 however, I want to kill you. Be a real journalist! If I wanted a clown, I'd hire one. Speaking of clowns, put a red nose and white face paint on Burman and you have a great clown!

2. The first two games of Stanley Cup are showing on Versus. At least I get to watch the bulk of the games on NBC, but for real, this Versus thing is getting annoying! Hockey, still considered one of the four major sports, is placed along side fishing and hunting on Versus. At least on NBC it competes with golf and other "sports".

3. Although I have known this was the case for some time, why does ESPN have scheduled time for Nascar and poker, when a real sport like hockey is forced to be on stupid channels like NBC and Versus for the Stanley Cup Finals? Do people care this little for hockey? Maybe I need to move to Canada so people will give a crap about the most difficult sport in the world.

4. Eight Belles - Horse racing isn't unethical treatment of animals. It is one of the greatest tradition oriented sports their is! I want to take a person in PETA and ride them in the Kentucky Derby, see if they shatter an ankle once in a while. Lord knows human athletes never blow out major parts of their lower body. I mean, I have NEVER seen a baseball player forced to retire due to bad knees and hockey players NEVER shatter their ankles. PETA...go eat a steak and jump off a cliff you hippies! Don't ruin my sports!

5. Spygate - Good lord does anyone care? Nothing is going to happen to the Patriots. I promise you if it was any other coach or team they'd be in a deep pile of trouble. So just close the book and look like the pathetic blow-hards you are. The NFL is all talk and no action.

6. Steroids in Baseball- im so tired of this. I say let it happen. Let every baseball player from age 10-40 shoot up, bulk up, and after 100 homers in a season, their hearts will explode and we get a new sensation-watch all major leagues die of sudden heart failure, then see how cool it is to bulk up.