NY Knights Trying To Seal a Deal With Allstar Alphonso Kel?

Sammy BenitezContributor IAugust 31, 2009

New york - August 30,

    Ny Knights Manager Chirstian Wellington has reportedly told the ABLA Office that the 2 in a Row Championship NY Knights a working a 5 year deal. Alphonso Kel says he is willing to sign with them. Alphonso Kel (SF), who played with the Clevland Patriots from 2004-2008 and with the Houston Horsemen with His teammate from Clevland Hershel James (PG). Alphonso Kel was averaged 27.9 ppg, 12.1 rpg, and 7.7 asp. Kareem Benitez, The 2009 Mvp and Championship Mvp, commented yesterday in an interview with the press and said  "Alphonso's a special guy, i've known him since high school. Are little rivarly we had since High school would still keep on if he came to the team, we've always been those type of people. But to be a good team we all need to let go of our little ambitions and play to our fullest as a team. Man jet (Alphonso) knows that."

Will this little off court and on court rivalary disrupt the teams unity and playing? As we all know, Alphonso Kel can play. He had been the nucleus of the Clevland team since 2004 and in 2004 almost clinched the world title. The clevland team was built around him and we all remember the unforgetable 2 Kings of Cleveland battle. The point is he's not exactly a humbled guy. He has an ambition and expectations for his long ABLA career ahead of him. The Hard knock, no little games Coach Vincent Jackson of The NY knights, quickly made a statment and he said,  " Having such a talented player on our team next to the other already talented player (Kareem Benitez) would be an honor, i just have one thing to say and it is that if he wants to play on this team, he going to have to adapt his style to our team and play for all. Same goes to Kareem, and Johnathan."

Coach Vincent is undenably one of the greatest coaches of the ABLA with 10 Championships. He already identified the problem and if it all goes well, New York could be on its way to a 4th championship in the last 10 years. New York also is on the Ballot for the team of the decade award with 1,532 wins, 5 Confrence Finals Appearances, 3 championships and 2 MVPs coming from there team.(There probaly going to win it, no team has accomplished so much in 9 years.) So Lets see if New york could match up to the teams around them, take off for the years to come, and become a team to be reckoned with.