Gray Maynard: It's Time to "Bully" Roger Huerta Out of the UFC

Sterling SpiarsAnalyst IAugust 31, 2009

Roger "El Matador" Huerta appears to be motivated now more than ever.

Only, it appears it isn't because of his upcoming fight with Gray "The Bully" Maynard, yet because of the soon-to-be released Tekken movie.

Huerta is mixed in with a surprisingly growing trend of MMA fighters turned actors. With Huerta going into the final fight of his contract, a new UFC deal isn't likely to take place.

We might see the best performance of Huerta's career, who wouldn't want to protect their "handsome mug" right before their acting career takes off.

This is Maynard's chance to shoot himself up through the rankings and possibly into the good graces of UFC president, Dana White.

Many people will concur in this following statement: While being a great businessman, Dana White is also a greedy and selfish person.

The fact that Huerta is pursuing other dreams while in the prime of his MMA career has most likely ticked off the UFC boss.

So a devastating win over Huerta may be just what "The Bully" needs to propel himself into contention talks.

Somewhat of a late-bloomer in the sport of MMA, Maynard's All-American wrestling background has made him a fearsome foe for anybody.

The Michigan State product has an extremely strong base with decent transition skills. Infused with a smothering clinch, Maynard has the tools needed to hand Huerta his third professional loss.

Just look at Huerta's fight with Clay Guida, where Guida relentlessly controlled the pace of the fight with remarkable wrestling and ground-and-pound before ultimately being caught in a rear-naked choke by Huerta.

That style of fighting sounds quite similar to Gray Maynard's technique. Maynard has bullied his way to a record of 7-0 with one no-contest in familiar fashion.

Maynard has diligently improved his boxing and footwork in his last three wins over Frank Edgar, Rich Clementi, and Jim Miller.

This seems almost unavoidable training at Xtreme Couture under UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture.

In a match that many believe should be the main event of UFC Fight Night 19, Gray Maynard plans to end Huerta's UFC career in a persuasive manner.

Hopefully, a decisive victory will be enough for Dana White to release "The Bully" from the gate-keeping detention class and unleash Maynard into the title picture.