The Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat!?!? REALLY!!

BigRegAnalyst IMay 21, 2008

As a Detroit Pistons fan, I sat patiently waiting for Game One of the Eastern Conference Finals to start. My buddy and I talked about who it would be nice to see get the #1 and #2 picks. 

Charlotte and New York - These two teams may have some talent, but they don't scare anyone too much. Even if they added a Beasley or Rose, they would only become a middle of the road team in the East.

Plus, it would be nice to see both of these draft picks more often than we got to see Kevin Durant play last year.

Just not Chicago or Miami.

Portland or Seattle - With the number 1 and 2 picks last year, these teams could become great in the West. Which would be fine for me as a Pistons' fan. 

Plus, can you imagine Durant alongside Beasley? Or Rose feeding Oden? Man, that would make the West even more competitive. 

Just not Chicago or Miami.

Any other of the teams in the lottery.  None of them worry me too much.  They are all either in the West, or are lower level teams with bad management that will be a low-seed playoff team at best. 

Just not Chicago or Miami.

WHY not Chicago or Miami?

Because I hate them both! 

Let's start with Chicago shall we: they were the team that knocked out the Bad Boys after Detroit won it 2 years in a row. 

As a huge Pistons fan at a young age this was devastating, I have since been able to admire Jordan and see what a great player he was, but them beating the Pistons forever made me dislike them. 

Also, the whole "Baby Bulls" thing of '06 and '07, THEY WEREN'T THAT GOOD! All they did was annoy both the Pistons and their fans that we had to beat theim es again each year. 

So take your stupid number 1 pick and come see Detroit next year and we will beat you again.

Now for those injury-faking, title stealing heathens in Miami. 

First and foremost, let me state this. You didn't deserve the best chances in this lottery. You faked injuries, and lost games on purpose to get that, and that is not fair to your fans or to the rest of the league. 

You needed a fat Shaq in order to win your title a couple years ago, beating the Pistons only because D-Wade was not allowed to be guarded during that series. 

Lastly, I am so sick and tired of those D-Wade/Barkley commericals.  Wade, you couldn't find anything better to do with your off time then make those stupid things?

So here is where I stand after a night to think about things. 

Let stupid Chicago and Miami have the number 1 and 2 picks.  Detroit has been a the best team in the East for 6 years in a row. It might be fun to beat up on those two teams for the next few years. 

P.S., first we need to take care of Boston. Stupid Boston Three party.