Top 10 Premier League Disgraces

Andrew BarrySenior Analyst IMay 21, 2008

In the wake of Joey Barton's jail sentence, I began to think, what are the biggest disgraces and shameful acts of the EPL?

The list compiles times when you simply thought, that disgraces our game. Pitch fights, referee taunting or off the pitch scandals.

Below are my top 10 EPL worst moments.


10. Chelsea Staff v Man Utd: After the Blues 2-1 over United at the Bridge, United's subs clashed with Chelsea groundsmen. Evra claims racial abuse, Scholes won't back him up, either way Chelsea won the battle but United won the war.


9. Ashley Cole v Mike Riley: First "Cashley" makes a horror challenge on Alan Hutton, which itself warranted a red, then he had the cheek to complain to Riley. As the referee was speaking, Cole turned his back to him as if to say "I'm Cole. see the name, I don't need to hear this." Mike Riley bottled sending him off.


8. Paulo Di Canio: Repaired his reputation when he caught the ball against Everton but a few years earlier, he was given his marching orders by ref Paul Alcock. Unable to handle this, the Sheffield Wednesday frontman proceeded to push Alcock to the ground.


7. Roma Incident: Although this incident happened in Rome, the fact Man Utd fans were on the receiving end of Italian batons meant it warranted a place. Long story short, Roma fans charge at Man Utd counterparts, police assume Man Utd fans at fault and proceed to kick the living crap out of them.


6. Arsenal v Van Nistelrooy: Late in a close match at Old Trafford, the Dutchman missed a penalty to hand Arsenal a draw. All of a sudden, Keown, Lauren and Cole ran up to the striker and began to hit and abuse him. All Gunners received bans and fines but Arsenal extended that unbeaten run to 49...


5. Joey Barton: From attacking team mates, to taxi drivers, to complete strangers, to mooning Everton fans, Barton finds trouble fairly easily. Recently began a six month jail sentence for "violent and cowardly assault." By the way, he still faces charges for attacking ex-team mate Dabo...


4. Arsenal and Chelsea Brawl: Late in the last ever League Cup final in Wales, Chelsea fought back to lead Arsenal 2-1. A clash in the middle of the field led to both elevens, subs and even managers to get involved. At the end of a five minute fracas Toure, Mikel and Adebayor were sent off. Adebayor was irate and refused to leave prompting a longer FA ban.


3. Bowyer v Dyer: The scrap at St James' Park would have been forgotten by all, except both were on the same team! 2-0 down, Bowyer and Dyer came to blows in the middle of the field and both were sent off. Newcastle banned and suspended Bowyer while Dyer missed the FA Cup semi.


2. Eric Cantona Kung-Fu Kick: Every football fan has abused opposition players but Matthew Simmons didn't expect to be kicked by the Frenchman. After offending his fatherland, Cantona proceeded to Kung-Fu kick Simmons followed by a series of punches.


1. Roy Keane and Alf-Inge Haåland: Keane carried a grudge for three years after Haaland accused Keane of faking injury to avoid punishment when playing for Leeds. The Corkman unleashed the grudge on Haaland in 2001 when playing the City derby.

Keane said in his book "I'd waited long enough. I fucking hit him hard. The ball was there (I think). Take that you cunt. And don't ever stand over me sneering about fake injuries." Haaland's leg was broken and he never played football again.