Why the New York Mets Won't Make the Playoffs in 2008

Eric BrennerAnalyst IMay 21, 2008

Abysmal. That's all that can be said about the Mets dropping a twin bill to the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday.

It seems like it's back to the old ways for the Mets. Not only for this season, but historically. Inconsistency plagues the team this year, and once again, the Mets cannot win in Atlanta.

The inability for this team to hit is astounding. Their offense is terrible.

I'd like to say that this team has talent, but its coming to the point where I'm realizing that the talent has run out. Carlos Delgado is not in a slump. When a player who has a career .300 average cannot his above .260 for two straight seasons, that means he is deteriorating, not in a "slump."

For those who defend Delgado (*Cough*Willie) repeatedly, and say that he will come out of this slump, they must be kidding themselves. He is finished. His bat speed is completely destroyed, epitomized by his performance against two "flamethrowers" yesterday.

While David Wright is hitting for a decent average, he has not been able to come up with the big hit this year. But this is only a temporary problem, not a "lack of ability" type of situation.

Similar arguments can be said of Jose Reyes. It's astounding how many times he swings at pitches in the dirt, and completely takes his eye off the ball when he does it. Jose, when you swing, please look at the ball. But with these guys, these are fixable problems.

Moises Alou is a hitter in the lineup, but his presence cannot be counted on in the long run. Even with him in the lineup now, the Mets cannot score runs consistently. What happens when his bat is no longer there?

I can't wait for Endy Chavez and Marlon Anderson to bring their stellar averages to the plate on a regular basis. But that might be sooner than we think.

With Church going down yesterday with a concussion, it would shock me to see him in the lineup in the next week. Now the Mets are missing their best player, the ONLY consistent bat in the lineup.

Carlos Beltran is a good player, but in my opinion, he's not worth the money the Mets paid him. I keep hearing every year that we are going to see Beltran take it to "another level", but I have yet to see anything of this nature.

He is a great player to have, and very valuable to the Mets lineup, but he really needs to step up his performance, especially as a cleanup hitter. So far this season he hasn't cleaned anything. But it may very well be that he is only a .250 hitter.

Luis Castillo can't get the ball out of the infield. His knees are shot, even with his uneven legs. My knees hurt just watching this guy run. He had a nice year last year, but clearly he is on the downside now. And there's only three more years on his contract. Great.

So in my opinion, it all comes down to the offense.

The pitching wasn't stellar yesterday, but the damage was limited in both games. Considering that John Maine pitched poorly, he only gave up four runs. A 4-1 game should be a winnable game. But I, like every Met fan, knew they weren't going to win the game.

While going to school in Philly, I'm subject to the Phillies, who I follow just as closely as the Mets, merely because I have to.

All I can say is that when the Phils are down 4-1 in the fourth inning, there's almost a certainty they will put up a fight until the end.

Yesterday, and for most of the season, the Mets merely lay down. Start hitting the ball boys, or else you aren't going anywhere.