Max Mosley: Bond girl was one of the 5 prostitutes

Alex LevySenior Analyst IMay 21, 2008

Following the recent scandal involving Max Mosley and five prostitutes (let's leave all the details there for a moment), everyone would have thought that Mosley's mandate as FIA president would be over and that the content of the video leaked to the News of the World newspaper would be shocking enough.

But what's really shocking is that Mr. Mosley is still FIA president, and has not resigned from his post, the vote of confidence will only be held June 3rd, and even Mosley is still confident on staying in power.

But if you think the Max Mosley debacle could not possibly get any more scandalous, you're wrong.

That's until it transpired that one of the prostitutes in the videotape happened to be the wife of an MI5 agent. That's right, a "Bond girl" set up to play along with the old man so they could get the evidence!

Now, I don't mean to add oil to the flame here, but this scandal is taking proportions beyond belief. Imagine for a second that you're working for your country's secret services and you have received "intelligence" that a top British executive is up to no good in his spare time i.e. allegedly praising fascism and fantasizing about Nazis and all the rest of it. How would you get the evidence? Answer: we'll just ask the missus i.e. the significant other to pose as a prostitute, set up her for the old man to take for the picking...and bingo.

Now, if anyone out there doesn't see anything wrong with this that's their problem, but who in their right mind would throw their wife in the dungeon with another man as well? Let alone risk their marriage and integrity in the process...

Back to the point though, if indeed the MI5 was involved in getting the evidence that:

a) Mosley is a sado-masochist perv.

b) He is a bit of a polygamist, hungry for women in numbers since one is not enough apparently

and c) Most important of all, the whole incident appeared to have a Nazi-connotation to it.

This scandal will have ramifications all the way to 10 Downing Street; it does because it's taxpayers money funding the secret services...

Now back to the case. It is still to be determined whether it was indeed Max Mosley in the tape starring as the old perv and whether the Nazi-theme was true. Max Mosley has not ruled out his involvement however he is adamant there was no Nazi connections whatsoever in these shameful acts.

Even then, regardless of the type of settings he and the girls were in at the time, I do not see how Mosley can possibly survive the vote of confidence on June third. In a recent interview he hinted that he was very confident on retaining his job, even if it meant keeping a low profile until his schedule retirement.

So how does Mosley get the guts to believe his job is safe? Because apparently him going would leave the FIA in a terrible messas if it was not now.

Bottom line is Max Mosley's time is up...

And to think James Bond threw his girl in the fray so he could sell to the highest bidder a sex vid of a sadist old perv!!!