Inter 4x0 A.C. Milan: What Happened?

Richard MesquitaContributor IAugust 31, 2009

MILAN, ITALY - AUGUST 29:  Celebrates of Dejan Stankovic of Inter FC during the Serie A match between AC Milan and Inter Milan at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on August 29, 2009 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)


All Rossoneri fans were optimistic after a good win away from home. The fans saw a Ronaldinho willing to fight to defend to create and to lead his team to victory. Along with Pato they lead the way to a difficult win away from home and gave fans the hope that perhaps things have improved and will continue to improve as the team grows.

Well, Saturday proved to be a “Perfect Storm.” After a less than stellar showing last week Inter was eager to show good football and remind everyone why they have won the past three years. On the other hand  AC may have been riding the high from last week’s win for a little bit too long.

Ronaldinho looked sluggish. In my opinion he could have done more for his teammates off the pitch than on! His lack of passing accuracy, movement and creativity spelled doom for the Rossoneri. Pato looked good, showed speed and hunger, but alone he is not going to change the outcome of a match especially against a team like Inter.

Borriello, I don’t think that his performance should even be mentioned. It is a disgrace that this player is allowed to wear the No. 22 jersey! Why wait to put Huntelaar in the second half? Leonardo, you have to wake up my friend!!!

Pirlo looked slow and lost. It seems that his old school tactician football is hindering him when playing against fast physical teams. Still a strong player, but a very subpar performance from this great playmaker.

Flamini showed some flashes of good football but overall his problem has always been consistency.

Gattuso. In my opinion his behavior on the pitch was a major contribution to this embarrassing loss. This beautiful game of ours is called Football. This is not the MMA. This man is supposed to be a professional footballer and is paid millions to act like one.  

You can put the blame on Leonardo all you want for not substituting him earlier, but this man is a professional and should learn to control his anger on the pitch, case closed.

Zambrotta had an all right game. The first half he completely neutralized Diego Milito. I believe he did his job. Nesta. I believe he also had a decent game. Tiago Silva, showed some neves but overall not bad, and Jankulovski...well...he is Jankulovski, he turned in an acceptable performance.

Listen guys, you can blame the back four all you want but when the midfield is getting their butts handed to them, there is no back four that can sustain that kind of pressure for too long.

Storari, made many key saves, it could have been much worse had it not been for some of his “Superman” or should I say “Supergoalie” saves.

Combine Inter’s motivation with AC’s lack of and their lack of leadership on the pitch and you have the perfect storm. That’s what happened!

Now this does not mean that all is lost. This is only the second round. There is plenty of time left for Milan to turn things around, to work on their game, to get their heads right.  

Unfortunately, there is not much time left for Leonardo as a coach. If good results don’t start to show, I am afraid that this Brazilian may be looking for another club sooner rather than later.