6 Knights and Counting...

Mark MuchaContributor IMarch 18, 2017

UCF fans are 6 days away from another season of Knights football.  Earlier this summer I was more interested about the upcoming basketball season with the exciting class Kirk Speraw has pulled in.   Seeing Marcus Jordan in a Knights jersey is something that I'm anticipating greatly.  I'm still wondering how the crowd will respond when Marcus' father, Michael Jordan, shows up for his first game.  Now that we're less than a week away from the first UCF football game of the season, my excitement for football has exploded and my attention has shifted appropriatly towards football.  The Knights strong start to recruiting has also helped me forget last season as I look forward to the 2009 season.

After the debacle of a season last year,  I've adopted a wait and see attitude for this season.  It's an odd year, and us Knight fans know that George O'Leary does well in odd years.  Reports coming out of Fall practice have stressed how happy the coaching staff seems to be about the performance of the players in camp.  Calabrese is looking better and more mature at QB.  RB Brynn Harvey looks like a beast.  Wide Receivers are catching balls.  Our front 7 is, well our front 7.  Word on the street (and practice fields) has this year's secondary ranked more athletic and more talented than last year's senior backfield.  I've also heard that a Moose is loose (OL Steve 'Moose' Robinson) and the Knight's offensive line is clicking under the direction and guidance of o-line coach Keys.

It's hard to forget about the struggles we encountered last year against SC State when thinking of Saturdays match up against Samford.  No one expected mighty UCF, the defending C-USA conference champions, to struggle against a clearly inferior DI-AA team.  It happened.  Some fans thought that UCF was holding back, and some thought it was a harbinger of a bad season.   UCF never really rebounded from the poor performance against SC State as UCF stumbled through the remainder of the season.  With a strong performance against the Samford Bulldogs, the Knights will be on the road to a typical odd-year winning season.

What's New:

·         Offensive Coordinator Charley Taffe's new offense.

·         Coach Key taking over the offensive line (and various other coaching shuffles)

·         Tailgating time changes (12 pm start for games after 6pm)

·         Depth at the Quarterback position with Wake Forest transfer Brett Hodges

·         Michael Greco at Safety

What to Expect:

·         Frustrations from 2008 to be taken out on a few poor Bulldogs

·         Offensive improvement  (it'll be hard not to improve from #119)

·         Brynn Harvey to have a Kevin Smith like season

·         Option on offense and offensive options

·         Defensive domination, led by UCF's experienced front 7

·         More blogs from me


Check back daily for the rest of my Knightly countdown.