An Open Letter To The FA : Manchester United Vs Arsenal

Deena SobeihContributor IAugust 30, 2009

After I watched yesterday's game against Manchester United , I decided to write this letter to make it  a bit easier , just a bit , for me .


Here we go , I suggest :


1- 3 games ban for Rooney for simulation and pushing the refree to make wrong decision and hand him a penalty that turned the game up side down . For those who dont know , Arsenal's Eduardo may receive 2 games ban from UEFA for the same reason against Celtic and Arsenal probably wont be able to do anything about it , so all i am asking for here is justice , what goes on Eduardo should go on Rooney , although in Rooney's case it's so much worse because his team were already losing .


2- 2 games ban for Fletcher as he commited a foul in the penalty area and didnt even receive a yellow card . Fletcher tackled Arshavin's both legs on purpose and not the ball and the refree was 10 yards away , means he was 100 % capable of seeing the tackle crystal clear but for some reason did nothing although handing this penalty could have changed the mentality of both of the 2 teams . Even Fletcher himself admitted after the game that he was lucky to escape the penalty .


3- Manchester United should  play the next home game without his fans at the stadium . when Arsene Wenger was sent off at the end of the game , the home fans misbehaved towards him and showed no respect . Away from the game and the result , Arsene Wenger is a respectable man coaching a respectable club in the best league in the world , he deserves better than this for sure .


4- Consideration of some decisions made by the refree that need to be corrected . (I will stop here because I cant use the word BIASED in my letter )



That's a little better .


Before i wrote this article , I logged to some sites to see the fans reaction , I liked this comment written by an honest and logical Man Utd fan , he said _ and I am just typing what he said  " although with our best 1st 11 , our performance was disappointing , Giggs gave away too many balls and so did Carrick . we are so **** lucky to escape with the 3 pts " .


That sums up all really ....


I will not talk about my anger or explain the UNDESERVED defeat , I said enough yesterday , but we all forgot to give the lads - Arsenal lads - the credit they deserve , especially our DMs who were so dominant through out the game that Rooney was left all by himself up on the front , cursing his luck and the crab from his team mates , until he dived to save Man Utd blushes . Arsenal had more corners , more goal attempts , played almost the whole game in Man Utd area and pushed Man Utd players to tight areas and force them to commit stupid fouls in dangerous areas - like Fletcher did - until the last 10 mints when they had serious goal attempts and that's when SAF thought that , you know after all , his squad can still play some real football , and that's when he hailed his team performance :D and that's when i thought he was smoking something up there , but never mind :)




Some Man Utd fans say that this what happened at the Emirates last season in the EPL , Man Utd were dominant but lost the game . Well , my respond is : ZZZZZ wrong answer ! at that game Arsenal played nice football and unlike you , created chances and scored TWO AMAZING FIELD GOALS ...:) get a life ...


Last but not least , I read these comments yesterday and I didnt know whether to cry or laugh :

" After all , I think Man Utd officials forgot to give Mike Dean a Man Utd kit to wear it during the game ! "


" This site here forgot to rate one of man utd players : MIKE DEAN ! MOM for me !!"


P.S : Any retarded comment from any retarded man utd fan will not be considered or read . Better save it and share it with your SAF during that imaginary game against Arsenal where he hailed his team performance in the 2nd half !!!  IT SHOULD BE THE LAST 10 MINTS PEOPLE !!!