Beast From The Middle East: Pirates Close To Signing Iraqi Shoe Thrower

Matt 'Frostin' FooteCorrespondent IAugust 30, 2009

Update from previous article (link above.)

It appears the Pirates will pursue Muntadhar al-Zeidi, the fireballing shoe thrower from Iraq. There have been recent talks over a deal in which they would send Neal Huntington and Bob Nutting to Iraq in exchange for Muntadhar.

Today plans were leaked for the concept ideas of jersey shirts for al-Zeidi. This might just be some kid pulling pranks, but it also could be a major stepping stone in the negotiation process.

It is believed that if al-Zeidi is signed it will take probably a two year contract, club option on a third, valued at 807,446,500 dinar. About $700,000 US dollars. I caught up with Pirates manager John Russell and had the following conversation over al-Zeidi.

"I guess you have heard the rumors over Muntadhar al-Zeidi"

"Why yes, I for one would be proud to have him on our team"

"DO you believe he would be good?"

"If not, he will still be entertaining."

"So lets just speculate here, you guys sign him to a two year contract, do you see him going through the farm or just coming straight here"

"Well it is hard to determine. Shoes are different then baseballs"

"Very true. Thank you John"

"Any time Matt."

It is possible al-Zeidi will be signed. I will keep you updated, but for now I leave you with the leaked shirt concept.