Ole Miss: 2009 Prediction By Game

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IAugust 30, 2009

September 6th, Memphis; All right, everybody is watching across the nation. Ole Miss is the premier 2:30 game on Sunday, unless you want to see Grambling play South Carolina State. How much offensive power will they show? What kind of beat down will they give in order to announce their presence with authority? (Nuke anyone?)-----W


September 19th, USL; After a bi-week the Rebels get back on the field to tune-up their offensive power.-----W


September 26th, South Carolina; A Thursday night prime time game. More national exposure for the Rebels and a chance to revenge that home loss last season. Spurrier has put an effort into cornerbacks this off season when he should have been putting it into quarterbacks.-----W


October 3rd, Vanderbilt; Another revenge game for Ole Miss. Bobby Johnson's Dors  are going to need more than 6 turnovers to win this game.-----W


October 10th, Alabama; For some reason Ole Miss has it in their heads that their defense is better than Virginia Techs. Therefore, they will easily smote the Crimson Tide. Unfortunately, they are wrong. The Bama defense comes on strong and the offense opens up the running lanes with a strong passing game.-----L


October 17th, UAB; The Rebels get their heads back in the game and chalk up another "W". A good tune up game after a heart breaking defeat.


October 24th, Arkansas; Bobby P and the Hogs are going to be on their second road trip in as many weeks. The previous of the two is going to wear them out...Florida. They want this game but Nutt has it in for his old employer.-----W


October 31st, Auburn; Gene Chizik will have nothing for the Rebels and Gus Malzahn will go out of his way to try and best his old boss and new nemesis. However, by doing so he will only put his team out of their comfort zone.-----W


November 7th, North Arizona; A good breather game for the Rebels. Time to get some backups in the game. However, Jevan is looking for a Heisman so they will keep him in and run up the stats.-----W


November 14th, Tennessee; Monte Kiffin wants to come into VHS and shut down the Jevan Snead show. Too bad he doesn't have more than one Eric Berry. Too bad he doesn't have an offense either.-----W


November 21st, LSU; Another home game for the Rebels. Ole Miss is on its 10th consecutive game. They want Atlanta bad but not only do they need to win this game but have the Tide lose their final game. LSU makes a monumental stand in this game. Charles Scott pounds the defensive line and Nutt's wild formation is used against him. Chavis gives up 3rd and longs but has just enough mojo to stop the passing game.-----L


November 28th, Mississippi State; The Rebels, distraught over their season, take it out on the Bulldogs,...again. MSU has some moments in this game but they are already staying home for Christmas.-----W


With so much hype that has been surrounding the Ole Miss Rebels and their impressive 2008 comeback season people tend to forget who they played.


Yes, the team had cohesion in the second half of the season. Yes, they beat the #1 ranked team in the nation. But, even a clock is right once a day.


Ole Miss now has the target on their back. No one is going to take them lightly and there is a big difference in being the hunted and the hunter. The weak defenses they played last year in the last six games built their offensive confidence and a favorable schedule gives them an edge but not enough to go undefeated.