Second Ever Edition of Coin Toss Predictions Saved by UFC 102 Prelims

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Second Ever Edition of Coin Toss Predictions Saved by UFC 102 Prelims
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Well UFC 102 is in the books, and what an event.

This is how it works. The fighter with the most wins becomes heads and the fighter with the least wins becomes tails. Simple huh?

Here are my predictions, written on August 12. 

UFC 102

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (H) Vs. Randy Couture (T): It comes up tails, a win for Randy. Unfortunately got that one wrong, so 0-1.

Keith Jardine (H) Vs. Thiago Silva (T): It comes up heads, a win for the dean of mean. Another wrong prediction, so 0-2.

Chris Leben (H) Vs. Jake Rosholt (T): Tails, a win for Rosholt. The coin saves me there 1-2.

Nate Marquart (H) Vs. Demain Maia (T): Heads, Marquart gives Maia his first loss ever. The coin didn't predict anything about a punch that would send Maia spiralling headfirst into the floor but still got that one right 2-2.

Brandon Vera (T) Vs. Krysztof Soszynski (H): Heads, the Ultimate Fighter season Nine participant beats the Truth. Got that one wrong 2-3.

Preliminary Bouts

Gabriel Gonzaga (T) Vs. Chris Tushscherer (H): Tails: A correct prediction 3-3.

Justin McCully (T) Vs. Mike Russow (H): Tails: Got that one wrong 3-4.

Tim Hague (H) Vs. Todd Duffee (T): Tails: A correct prediction 4-4.

Nick Catone (H) Vs. Mark Munoz (T): Tails: Correct 5-4

Ed Herman (H) Vs. Aaron Simpson (T): Heads: Wrong 5-5

Marcus Aurelio (H) Vs. Evan Dunham (T): Heads: Unfortunately wrong so just under .500 with 5-6.

Well there you have it, not too bad and could've been a lot worse. That adds to my total record of 8-8, so overall quite even but with UFC 103 surely it will improve.

Look out for my UFC 103 coin toss predictions, I've flipped my coin and I predict you will join me again. Muahahahaha.

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