Breaking News: More Info on Rey Mysterio Drug Suspension

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Breaking News: More Info on Rey Mysterio Drug Suspension
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After some more information from an "inside the business" friend, I did some really intense research and want to add what I found to the two stories already posted about Rey Mysterio's suspension.

For a recap, Rey Mysterio was found in violation of World Wrestling Entertainment's Wellness policy. He was therefore suspended for 30 days, beginning on Sept. 2.

On doing some research, I discovered that this is not Rey's first brush with the law concerning prescription drugs.

We all remember too well the tragedy of Chris Benoit. What we do not know, or at least I did not, was that in the federal investigation following the tragedy, Rey Mysterio was one of 17 athletes listed that Dr. Phil Astin III was indicted on.

Dr. Astin was convicted and then sentenced to 10 years in jail for "illegally dispensing prescription medication" to 17 people, including one Oscar Gutierrez, who is none other that our little Rey Rey.

During that investigation, in a sworn affidavit, Rey stated that Dr. Astin prescribed him prescription pain medication to treat pain related to six knee surgeries. He denied ever have taken steroids of any kind.

However, in 2007, Sports Illustrated reported in an on-line article (Google Sports Illustrated Rey Mysterio or pro wrestling) that Rey's name came up in a sting operation in the state of Arizona.

According to SI, Mysterio received prescriptions for the steroids Nandrolone and Stanozolol.

According to WebMD (, these two steroids are only to be used under close physician supervision and are indicated for the treatment of low red blood cell counts due to kidney failure, certain cancers including breast and kidney, and in adolescent children who are more than 50 percent under average growth rates.

I want to rant a little here, but I am going to keep my professionalism and just report the facts. I will be posting an opinion on this from my children's perspective later this morning.

It will be serious, funny, and will say publicly what most of you are already thinking but are skittish about saying it publicly. Well, since almost dying in Iraq, I don't really care what the public thinks, and it is my opinion.

But these are the facts. I will see you in the next article. Feel free to add any further information you may have found under the comments.

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