Offensive Problems: Aaron Maybin Is the First Step To the Solution

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Offensive Problems: Aaron Maybin Is the First Step To the Solution
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How could a defensive player be a solution to the offense’s problem?


The Bills defensive player would have to contribute towards keeping the opposing offense off the field and off the scoreboard. 


The Bills starting defense held Pittsburgh to 10 points in one half of football. Trent Edwards gave them another seven. 

How ironic that is. Have you ever given your seven game? A J.P. Losman seven game? Is Edwards turning into flash in the pan? He showed signs as a rookie than faltered as a second-year man down the stretch and now he is showing a horrible grasp for pressure and poorly anticipates throws. 


17-0. That’s the final score of Pittsburgh vs. Buffalo. For the second time in a row Buffalo showed that they can’t score on offense, they can’t sustain offensive drives, they can’t put consistent pressure on opposing QB’s, and their pass defense looked putrid.

It starts with Trent Edwards. He played bad, so bad that the coaching staff should honestly be considering Fitzpatrick as the starter.

Edwards would not pull the trigger for anything. He targeted Lee Evans once and Josh Reed once and guess what? Neither one of these guys were expecting the pass. Neither guy caught a pass.

Are these guys confused? It doesn’t seem like these players are in sync. The receivers are acting like they are decoys. They never seem to be expecting the ball to be thrown their way. Bills fans don’t expect Josh Reed to be in Buffalo after this year.

Don’t count on Edwards as your starting QB after this year either. Maybe he could develop into to a spot starter, but he sure as hell didn’t look like a starter.

If the season goes up in flames, look for Buffalo to look for their QB in next years draft. Jevan Snead, anybody?

Alright forget that for now. Terrell Owens won’t be thrilled if Edwards continues to play timid football. What will that do for Buffalo? Nothing. T.O. will walk out the door after this season and everybody who bought 81 will feel shortchanged. 

Okay, okay, maybe that is a little harsh. Or maybe it isn’t. What are these preseason games really about? I would hope not a total embarrassment. You would think after 13 years Buffalo would find and answer at QB, but so far no good.

So let’s get to the bright spot. Aaron Maybin showed up big. There has been plenty of debate as to what he could do for the team and many people were saying he was undersized and weak. First game in and he got himself a sack. 

He hustles. You can tell he wants it. He has a lot to learn about the pro game, but he seems to have the determination that you need to succeed. He was double covered on quite a few plays, but he somehow found ways to put some pressure on the QB. He seemed to be the only one, too.

Problem is Buffalo needs more than just Maybin on that defensive line. Where was Chris Kelsay, or Ryan Denney? This was a starter’s games. They sure didn’t look like starters. 

Marcus Stroud sat as did Aaron Schobel, so it’s hard to gauge what this defense can really do. The Bills are still lacking a true dominant force in the middle of the defensive line and they should be thinking about getting replacements for the aforementioned Kelsay and Denney next year.

Honestly nobody really looked like a star in this game, at least not on Buffalo’s squad. Nobody besides Maybin really stood out. Jairus Byrd was okay. Marcus Buggs was making a case for himself as backup MLB.

Little known Marcus Smith totaled four tackles in the game. That was a tie for first with Chris Ellis on the D-Line. John McCargo burst through the line a couple times but was unable to come up with any tackles. He may find himself getting cut.

The secondary was getting burned. Reggie Corner was abused. Hines Ward schooled him so bad. There is a reason that he had seven tackles in the game. McKelvin wasn’t outstanding either. 

As usual Donte Whitner was everywhere. He really flies to the football. This is no joke. He usually takes the correct angles to the ball carrier as well. Anybody calling Donte Whitner a bust is fooling themselves. 

Outside of Paul Posluszny the only guy I trust to make a tackle on the entire Bills defense is Whitner. Kawika Mitchell is a solid tackler, but he has been known to take bad angles at times. 

Final assessment: The Bills just aren’t physical enough. Instead of letting the defense dictate what you do, make the defense react to what your offense is bringing. That’s what the offense needs.

Defensively Buffalo needs to tighten up in the trenches and jam the receivers and then maybe you bring a ball game.

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