Saving A.C. Milan: The Derby Fallout

jeff d Contributor INovember 21, 2016

Let me be honest, the final 70 or so minutes of the Milan vs. Inter game was one of the, if not the most, pathetic showings that I have ever witnessed from Milan. Fortunately for Milan, there is still time to right the ship.

In my ideal world, this is how I would attempt it:

The Players-

There were many players that did not impress me during the game. In fact “impressed” isn’t the right word. There were a few players that didn’t disgust me.

For one, Marek Jankulovski was simply horrible. He is no longer a viable option at left back for Milan. It appears that a player needs to be purchased to plug this hole. Here are the options I think would help:

Rafinha, in my opinion, would be the perfect signing for Milan. He is a 23-year-old right wing back from Brazil who plays in Germany. He is very talented and he fits Leonardo’s system very well.

If he is signed, Zambrotta will have to shift to LB. He will cost roughly 8-11 million Euros. The only downside is he would take our last non-E.U. roster spot.

Juan Vargas- He is a good left back, and he would shore up the defense. He would cost a bit more than Rafinha and he is a few years older.

He is also cup tied to Fiorentina which makes him less valuable to Milan. He would still be a huge upgrade.

Another player that did not impress me was Ronaldinho. He is not half of the player he once was, and he doesn’t seem to want to put the work in to really improve himself.

In my perfect world, we would sell him and sign Giuseppe Rossi, who has much more pace and desire. However, Berlusconi simply adores him, so I cant see him being replaced.

One think that is badly needed however is a quality backup. Again, two players come to mind:

Rafael van der Vaart. There is simply no room in Madrid for this talented Dutchman. He is an ideal backup for R80. He can play any position in the midfield and has the creativity needed to play the “No. 10” position. He is a good team leader, and he has pace and drive that Dinho does not.

Another huge bonus is that he should come cheap because there is not room for him at Real. He also has a lot of experience playing with Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. He should be purchased for around 6-8 million Euros.

Júlio Baptista is another major talent that should not cost too much. He is somewhat inconsistent, but when he is “on” he is dangerous.

He has made 42 appearances for Brazil in his career to this point. A benefit to signing him is that he has experience playing in Italy as he currently plays for Roma. He would cost around 6-8 million Euros.

I think that the purchase of two players would be enough to make AC Milan considerably more complete as a team. It would also increase the team depth, which will be important as the season progresses.


There were a few “bright” spots against Inter:

Huntelaar looked solid in his San Siro debut. He worked well with Pato, and he created his own chances on goal even though he was playing while Milan was down a man. He could be very dangerous and score many goals.

Seedorf showed he is capable of giving quality minutes off the bench, which could be very important down the stretch.    

Milan looked quite good for the first twenty or so minutes of the game. If they find a way play like that for an entire game, than things may not be so glum for Milan this season.


The Lineup:




------van der Vaart--------