Oakland Raiders: Quarterbacks By the Numbers

FRANK YRAYContributor IMay 20, 2008

We had six pass plays over 40+ yards. Only six teams ranked worse.

We had 31 pass plays over 20+ yards. Only five teams ranked worse.

Our No. 1 and No. 2 had zero 40+ yards, and JR had only two plays over 20+yards out of 66 attempts.

This is the No. 65 factor at work! The first commandment of Sims: thou shall not pass the ball over 20 yards or thou shall be sacked, as it was in the Super Bowl lose, and shall be now until the day of my release.  

Andrew had only one cameo last year, for anyone who thinks we need a vet like Pep back. This included his five for eight, no INT, and 62.5 percent completion ratio. I'm sorry we didn't see more of him, he is a very capable QB in the NFL, and now with No. 65 gone, he might go to 70 percent when he's called on this year.

Added bonus, he survived the curse of No. 65. These can only be attained by braving a 70+ team-sack season, then forced to sit out 90 percent or more of the following season to heal and regain your confidence.

As for JR, No. 65 got him for three sacks and one fumble that we lost, and the p.o.s. couldn't even jump on the ball or knock it out of the end zone! Another loss delivered by No. 65!

These are some quick numbers to play with here in May. What do you see?


70Daunte CulpepperOAKQB10818658.126.61,3317.2190.1556032.3591732178.0
70Ronald CurryOAKWR010.
70Josh McCownOAKQB11119058.421.11,1516.1127.910115428.446T1231469.4
70JaMarcus RussellOAKQB366654.516.53735.793.2241725.832T20655.9
70Andrew WalterOAKQB5862.58.0384.838.000225.01900074.0

Section 116 Row 11 Seats 12 and 13