Football Starved Fans Served Ho Hum Match Ups At Beginning and End of Season

Scotty BoyContributor IAugust 29, 2009

LOS ANGELES - DECEMBER 1:  Fans of the USC Trojans cheer during the college football game against the UCLA Bruins at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum December 1, 2007 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

After they blow through the PAC 10, the mighty USC Trojans (QB U) are set to win the big one this year by trouncing on the Big Ten in another stale Rose Bowl. Football magazines are even predicting a USC vs. Ohio State Rose Bowl. This is moronic. They play in the regular season! 

Speaking of lifeless match ups, it doesn't help us football hungry fans that when the season kicks off next weekend where teams CAN play outside their own conferences, many of the games will be down right, falling asleep yawners.

Here are a few of the uninspiring match ups set for September 5 (I am using just one magazine’s recent preseason poll rankings): 

This one sticks out like a sore thumb. #1 Florida vs. Charleston Southern U.! Who? It must be a misprint! Then #10 Ohio State vs. Navy. Yes, OS needs practice for the Trojan Horse. They actually pass in the PAC. Other loser games are: #14 Penn State vs. Akron, #23 Kansas vs. Northern Colorado, Arkansas vs. Missouri State, Iowa vs. Northern Iowa, Michigan state vs. Montana state, Michigan vs.Western Michigan? 

Some so called "big arrogant programs", are just plain scared to play tough teams at first.These same programs should be more scared getting knocked off by a “little program”. Ohio State struggled against Troy last year and Michigan was beat by tiny “Hill Billy” Appalachian State in 2007. Michigan hasn’t gotten off the pot since. Fans are hungry for a good game at the beginning of the season and Florida vs. Charleston Southern just doesn‘t doesn't move me.

The most alluring match ups on September 5th between "Big Dog" conferences are: #8 Alabama vs. #5 Va Tech on the neutral site of Atlanta. #15 Georgia vs. #7 Oklahoma State, #3 Oklahoma vs.#22 BYU, #11 Oregon vs.#9 Boise State

Other games that might be interesting are LSU vs. Washington and Tennessee vs. UCLA on September 12th. They're miles away in ranking (bear in mind these rankings are all over the board) , but it might be the ONLY way one can measure how good the mighty Trojans are nationally.

The craziest gauntlet schedule of all is Miami’s. Whoah! They must think they are still living in their la la land 80"s. They play #16 Florida State, #12 Georgia Tech, #5 VA Tech and THEN #3 Oklahoma right off the bat in their first 4 games! Miami wins the Gutsiest Trophy or maybe the "Bone Head" Trophy Award.

Be sure to watch some of these conference match ups next weekend! It’s a long time till the "Tame Bowl" season. 

Speaking of the bowls, to me, the most interesting ones last year besides the NCG were: Fiesta - Texas 24 vs. Ohio State 21, Cotton - Ole Miss 47 vs. Texas Tech 34, Champs Sports - Florida State 42 vs. Wisconsin 13, Capital One - Georgia 24 vs. Michigan State 12, Emerald -Cal 24 vs. Miami 17.

The most routine, predictable bowl was the Penn State vs. USC Rose Bowl. Many football fans outside the Midwest or California, don’t want to see another Pac 10 vs. Big 10 Rose Bowl. 

If the BCS is going to cut block us from a playoff system, then last year it should have given us a Rose Bowl with more “pizzazz” like a Bama or Texas against USC. This would have been the kind of “red meat” match up that both the fans and players can really get jacked up for. A game like that would be as "serious as a heart attack".

If it’s some old, die hard, antiquated contracts that tie certain conferences to specific bowls, I say step into the 21st century and take off this big "ball and chain". Scrap these old fashion, stodgy arrangements and give us something fresh and new.  

Here‘s a tantalizing idea. What about a USC vs. Florida Rose Bowl if neither makes it into that “big game“? 

If you can't do that, give us the playoffs everyone wants! If 8 teams are too many, just four teams will do. It will create mass hysteria and pandemonium. BCS you have no weasily excuses now.