If Arrogance Were Taught Properly...

Dann KhanAnalyst IAugust 29, 2009

Given as the reason for all the problems,

Accused of tampering with perfectly good brains,

I cry and hide from thou

Yes, I am scared of thy fury,

I am scared.

Not cause I can't faceth thy fiery mouth,

But cause I cannot bare lies

Lies. Or rather combination of lies and ignorance

Ignorance of my truth

Truth, which is like a ambrosia if taken in right quantity

But, ambrosia along with pain if taken out of proportion

If you ask me what I think of arrogance, this is what I will say.

You may think I myself must be a very arrogant person to advocate arrogance. But let me tell you, no person who is arrogant would admit he or she is arrogant. It is because arrogant people don't realize this fact about themselves. So how can they advocate something without realizing that they follow it.

I may or may not be arrogant. I do not know.

But I think I do know what it actually means.

This is the dictionary meaning of the word- an offensive display of superiority or self-importance; overbearing pride.

It is very correct. Just that you have to take it at its face value and nothing else. This is the mistake we have all made when we call people arrogant.

Sportspeople need to be offensive, overbearing and try to show that they are superior. It is a mind game before the physical one and there is nothing wrong with it. Games are often in the mind. It is precisely the reason why underdogs fail to face the top stars despite having such a high level of talent.

But nowhere is it written that games are won only in the mind. Nowhere is this fact mentioned that the low level of skill can be made up for by being overly haughty. Thinking that can only lead to one place, the bottom of the pile. If you take your haughty behaviour which is hollow from inside, the opposition will thrash you and then laugh at the haughtiness.

So how is arrogance the only reason why you fell down?

That photograph up there says "Arrogance and Envy." It is because when you envy the opposition as they are more skilled, you put up a fake attitude which is again fake arrogance or fake haughtiness to counter a fear that might prop up in your mind due to that envy.

So here again, how is it only arrogance that led to your downfall? 

There is an old saying "United we stand, divided we fall".

When we work hard, we concentrate hard, we don't get distracted by lesser things, we stick to a discipline and when everything goes right, we become arrogant to put an extra fear in the opponent's mind.

But when we don't work hard, we don't concentrate; we get distracted, we leave our discipline and remain arrogant. Now how is arrogance going to do the work four things did earlier to get us success? 

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal both have understood it and experienced this phrase of everything else and the "A" word and nothing and the "A" word.

The Australians in cricket have experienced this. When they were all strong and up with a good team with a high level of skill which was maintained by the players the arrogance worked. The moment they lost the player and tried to keep haughty temper without rebuilding the team, they fell like the Empire States building. 

And now, before I conclude, I would like you all to think and tell me, is there ever a situation where everything else was done right and still arrogance let you down? Is there?

In fact, you will realize that this domineering behavior is quite effective if you have got the basics right. This is the reason why underdogs beat the top dogs

So, this is where the problem arises. Arrogance is not taught properly.

So all of us have a role to teach this fact to others after we learn it ourselves. So that never in the future is there a time where this very interesting word is only left with it's negative aspect a it was not taught properly.

Please tell me your views.