Texas Tech's QB Potts Ain't Graham Harrell...and That's a Good Thing

jason baumgardnerContributor IAugust 29, 2009

So a few years ago, Tech had a very similar situation on its hands.

The three year incumbent quarterback had moved on after having the most successful career in Tech history. Kliff Kingsbury's time was over. Who was going to replace him? No one was sure what fifth year Senior B.J. Symons could really do. Sure he had a better arm, but could he do better than Kliff? Surely not.

B.J. Symons is the current NCAA record holder for most passing yards in a single season (5833yds). He also broke Tech's (ie Kliff's) and the Big 12 single season touchdown record with 48. At the end of one season, he was drafted in the 2004 NFL draft to the Houston Texans. Something Kliff (and Graham Harrell) couldn't seem to accomplish.

I think one of the biggest reasons, B.J. had a more prolific season statistically was because he could make every throw in the field quicker than the quarterbacks before him, and I would venture to say, after him as well. He just had a stronger arm.

Until now.

Rivals.com ranked Taylor Potts as the 13th best Pro-style QB in his class of 2006. Number 12? Sam Bradford. Possibly the No. 1 pick of 2010 NFL draft. Potts is just now getting his chance, and I think he'll surprise us all. Just like B.J. did.

One big difference between B.J.'s season and Potts will be the defense that will be supporting him. B.J. had great stats, but also had the worst defense Tech has ever had. His year, Tech gave up 428 points and was the eighth worst in yardage allowed in the NCAA Div 1.

Tech's defense is much improved (79th last year) and that's all it takes to win in the offensive juggernaut of the Big 12 (OU was 68th last year).  Pott's should not be unlike B.J. in his proficiency and will have a much better defense. That makes for a scary good scenario for Tech fans.

The best part? Potts is just a Junior. So next year when Bradford, Tebow, and Colt McCoy finally leave the college field for the NFL, Potts will be back to dominate the QB spot in the Big 12, and possibly the NCAA.

There may be many a sports analyst or rival schools that may think Tech is going to suffer some this year with trying to replace Mr. Harrell, but from my experience sitting in Jones AT&T stadium; I couldn't be more thrilled to have Mr. Potts leading this year's team.

It's true. Taylor Potts ain't Graham Harrell, but I think that's a good thing.

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