Juan Urango TKO's Randall Bailey but Tavoris Cloud Steals the Show

Jody WagnerContributor IAugust 29, 2009

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - JANUARY 19:  Ricky Hatton of England and Juan Urango of Colombia pose during today's weigh in on January 19, 2007 at Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by John Gichigi/Getty Images)

Juan Urango (22-2 16 KO's) got the TKO over Randall Bailey (39-7 35 KO's) in the 11th round of the IBF Light Welterweight Title match.

Juan Urango just slowly and predictably came forward the whole time.  I'd even go as far as saying he clumsily came forward.  As he came forward he just kept winging power shot after power shot. 

During the fight, ESPN interviewed Urango's wife and asked if she was Urango's manager and she responded with, "I'm his spiritual partner in Christ."  Well, if he keeps fighting like this, she better keep praying.

In the sixth round Bailey hit Urango with a hard right hand that put him on his rear end.  Urango got up and kept doing the same thing, go forward and wing power shots.  That's all there is to his fight game. 

Urango put Bailey on his rear twice in the ninth.  Bailey's age started to show.  To Bailey's credit though, he got up and survived the round.

Urango hit Bailey with a big body shot in the 10th that put him down again and Bailey is just barely staying alive now.

In the 11th round, Randall Bailey's corner stopped the beating he was taking.

Urango finally got to an aging Bailey but he didn't look nearly as impressive as Tavoris Cloud did.

In the IBF Light Heavyweight Title fight, Tavoris Cloud (20-0 18 KO's) beat Clinton Woods (42-5 24 KO's) by a 12 round unanimous decision.

I'm very impressed with Tavoris Cloud.  He comes out Tyson like throwing HARD hooks to the body of the other fighter.  Every punch he threw at Clinton Woods, a poor mans Joe Calzaghe, in the first round, had bad intentions on it. 

Cloud holds nothing back.  He really goes for it.  This kid is an exciting fighter and you can see why he has such a high KO percentage.

In the second round Woods' experience showed and he took that round but in the 3rd round Cloud absolutely dominated Woods.  Cloud's power shots shook Wood's whole body every time.

The fourth and fifth rounds were pretty uneventful but in the sixth, Cloud's power shots started finding a home again on Clinton Woods.  Woods, an experienced fighter, fought well but he couldn't do a whole lot against Cloud's power.

In the eighth round, Cloud rocked Wood's world.  I don't know what kept Woods on his feet.  You have to give Woods credit for a solid chin.  You also have to give Cloud credit for the same.  Woods has hit Cloud clean a few times and Cloud didn't look bothered at all.

After 12 rounds I had it 118-110 for Tavoris Cloud.  You're going to hear a lot about this kid in the future.

All three judges had it 116-112 in favor of Tavoris Cloud.

Look for Tavoris Cloud to move up to the top of an aging light heavyweight division very soon.