What's Wrong with Josh Beckett?

Amanda BrunoCorrespondent IAugust 28, 2009

Where is the real Josh Beckett? 

The one who throws at least seven innings of quality ball. 
The one who registers eight to 10 strikeouts per start. 
The one who dominates any opponent and gives up two or three runs, tops.
Where did he go? Is this deja vu all over again?
Beckett has clearly not been his dominating self on Friday night where the Boston Red Sox took on its divisional rival, the Toronto Blue Jays.
The Sox got lucky and edged their way back to eventually win 6-5 after a rain delay.
The 'Ace' went five innings, gave up five hits, five runs, five walks, and had nine strikeouts on 108 pitches. He also gave up two home runs to Aaron Hill in the second and Rod Barajas in the fifth. That puts Beckett's home run total at 22, and 10 of them in his last three starts.
The CMSB is blaming Beckett for taking off his hemp necklace in the second inning
Chad Finn via Twitter said, "Why am I suddenly worried we're going to be hearing the word 'oblique' tomorrow morning?"
Can anyone say 2006 minus the blisters? 
In 2006, Beckett's first year with the Red Sox, he gave up a career high of 36 home runs. In 2007, he cut that number in half with only 17 long balls and last season only allowed one more to his 2007 total.
As the end of August approaches, it's almost kind of scary with Boston's 'Ace' continuing to give up easy runs. And with a pennant race in full swing and the pitching rotation not in its best form, it's even more scary.
Speaking of pitching, why didn't the Red Sox claim Scott Kazmir off waivers? Kazmir is a nightmare every time he takes the mound to face the Sox. The Los Angeles Angels, of all teams, picked him up and made the trade with Tampa Bay. The Angels—who the Sox could potentially face in the American League Division Series.
Big mistake?
It definitely could be.
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