Toronto Maple Leafs: The Forgotten Topic

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IAugust 28, 2009

TORONTO - FEBRUARY 19: Luke Schenn #2 of the Toronto Maple Leafs during game action against the Columbus Blue Jackets on February 19, 2009 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Dave Abel/Getty Images)

With all this talk of Mike Komisarek, Tomas Kaberle, and Nazem Kadri, there is one thing that everyone has forgot about, and that is the captaincy situation.


Last season, after losing long-time captain Mats Sundin to free agency, and eventually the Vancouver Canucks, the Buds were left without a captain.


So they decided to go with five assistants who would share the ‘A’ each month.


However, there is one problem with why they can’t do that this year.


Only one player who has been a captain with Maple Leafs for the last three seasons remains, Tomas Kaberle, the one who was rumoured as the Leafs not wanting him anymore, and being shopped around the league.


So now what are the Leafs supposed to do? Do they take the risk of naming Kaberle a captain, or do they go with the same system as last season, rotate between alternates?


Well now the Maple Leafs have more players than last season’s squad that could be named captain.


Sophomore Luke Schenn to name one, and maybe even first year Leaf Mike Komisarek.


Yes, I do understand that Komisarek may not know everything about Toronto yet, but just think about how Zdeno Chara walked into the same situation in Boston, and look how that turned out for them.


But then there is Matt Stajan, who has defiantly been with the Maple Leafs long enough, and is still young enough to serve your team.


Or maybe a goalie? Vesa Toskala is a long time veteran who is about to take Jonas Gustavsson under his wing.


Jason Blake, the third year Leaf, and Alexei Ponikarovsky are both options as well.


But there are also those two assistant spots that are currently vacant as well.


Out of the seven players mentioned above, only Tomas Kaberle and Mike Komisarek have been captains in their NHL careers, and they were both assistants.


So who is it? Schenn, Komisarek, Stajan, Toskala, Ponikarovsky, Blake, or Kaberle?


These are my picks:


Captain: Luke Schenn – This sophomore defenseman has world junior gold, and was drafted fifth overall. He is only 19, so he can serve the team for years to come, and lets face it, the Maple Leafs are trying to build the team around him anyways.


Assistant: Alexei Ponikarovsky – He has been with the Maple Leafs the second longest out of the seven players and has recorded no less than 18 goals in his last four seasons.


Assistant: Tomas Kaberle – He is the longest serving Maple Leaf on the entire roster, and is arguably their best defenseman. However, due to the trade saga that has been transpiring since the trade deadline back in February, and his age, he is only an assistant.


Komisarek was left out because he has not played a single game for the Maple Leafs yet, and Stajan didn’t pass because he is a very streaky player.


Don’t look for Toskala to be their captain in the near future, or possibly never, because of the fact that he is a goalie, and it is very rare for a goalie to be a captain.


Jason Blake has not lived up to expectation since singing a massive deal with the Buds, and that is the main reason why he should not be a captain.


It will be interesting to see how the captaincy situation goes down in Toronto, because off all the candidates, or lack there of, that they have.






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