This Week in The Nba and 5 Things I Think

micheal malcolmCorrespondent IAugust 28, 2009

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 25:  Mika Vucona of the Tall Blacks jumps for a shot with Andrew Ogilvy and Brad Newley of the Boomers in defense during game two of the Ramsey Shield series between the Australian Boomers and the New Zealand Tall Blacks at TSB Bank Arena on August 25, 2009 in Wellington, New Zealand.  (Photo by Marty Melville/Getty Images)

Here is this weeks installment of 'This Week in the NBA and 5 Things I Think' Enjoy it! Comments are ALWAYS welcomed.


It was great to see the NBA take a stance against players regarding to off-season issues with the suspension of Phoenix’s Jason Richardson, and Denver’s J.R Smith. Too many times throughout the year you hear of players driving impaired, or some form of trouble regarding them and their car.


NBA referees seem to be drawing a hard-line stance with the league regarding a new deal. In a depressed economy holding out will not win you many fans or sympathizers. While it’s being reported that the referees will not be working the pre-season, or regular season I believe a deal can be done that will appease both sides before the start of pre-season.


Michael Beasley is apparently in rehab, however what has not been publicized too much was that is was NBA imposed, and Beasley has complied with the leagues wishes.


There is hope in Milwaukee, as draft pick Brandon Jennings is displaying a passion to put in the work required to become an impact player in this league. While I will not deny Jennings talent, the work he puts in will dictate how good he’ll become this is a good start.


Apparently according to one Toronto Columnist the Atlanta Hawks signing of Joe Smith, cannot be measured in his stats (or lack thereof) but in the intangibles he provides. Joe Smith is unfulfilled potential, however I agree that his leadership is invaluable and will be an asset to an up-and-coming Hawks team.


Embattled Billy King, former GM of the 76’ers sounds off on Allen Iverson here, and I can assure you it’s seems like he’s getting some things off his chest.


Courtney Lee wants you to know Orlando fans that especially against you, he will make sure you regret trading him.


David Lee is caught in the middle of the Knicks attempt to woo Lebron James, and attempting to ‘contend’ this year. Lee may just end up holding out because he has no options at this point.


The Clippers have a new TV deal, and apparently it’s a better deal than the Lakers (at least according to Ralph Lawler) and will swing some support to Clipperville.


Someone’s interesting idea to eradicate performance enhancing drugs in sports.


The draft-rich (or lucky) Spurs standout Tiago Splitter’s performance at the FIBA Tournament.


This is one of the many reasons I am extremely happy to see Jannero Pargo back in the NBA.

Ricky Rubio not coming to the NBA this year is not a big deal, even if he signs overseas with another team the Wolves can just wait it out and still get a young 21-23 year old player with potential.


Scouting is a crucial part of the game, and honestly with lack of a scouting department next year you will see more lopsided games, a suggestion would be to stop hiring all those special consultants that are former players, what do they actually do?


Look out Clipper fans apparently you will be getting a focused, motivated Baron Davis this year.


Who should be the best team over the next 10 years? This team is making an interesting care.


For anyone who is remotely interested in announcer Marv Albert.


My 5 non-basketball thoughts of the Week


For anyone that feels that once you make it to big leagues in any sport that your life is perfect this simply is not the case for every Lebron, or even Robert Horry who makes a significant amount of money in their career, there is some one like baseball player John Ericks who used to be pretty good once upon a time that has nothing to show for their efforts due to no fault of their own.


Jay Cutler is an idiot and his ex-teammate Brandon Marshall is not far behind. Unlike Denver, fans in Chicago will have Cutler on a silver patter if he does not deliver this year. Calling out your receivers (regardless whether they are good or not) is not the way to go in providing leadership or team chemistry. As for Marshall if I were him I would keep my mouth shut and play, Marshall who is in the final year of his contract can enter free agency next year unrestricted why not just play out the final year of his contract?


Albert Pujols is my MVP for the NL, and Joe Mauer wins for the AL. I’m sorry I know that there are some players having some outstanding years and some that others feel are more deserving however take away Pujols and the Cardinals revert to some type of AA team with that lineup, as for Mauer he has kept his batting average near .400 for the entire year while leading the league in slugging percentage – this from a man who never played in spring training.


Patrick Kane having to write an apology with regards to his altercation with the taxi driver is nothing more than a slap on the wrist for someone who already has begun to think too highly of himself. This response to what amounts to an assault is a mockery of the legal system.


Im not sure why there is so much infighting in the senate, and congress about the new healthcare reform, anything that can help millions that do not posses any type of healthcare, get it cannot be a bad thing. Sometimes you have to bit the bullet in the name of progress. Mr. Obama get it done.