ESPN's Adam Schefter - The Ego Has Landed!

James SouthertonCorrespondent IAugust 28, 2009

394815 02: An Arresting Gear Officer evaluates conditions September 21, 2001 as an F-14 'Tomcat' makes its approach during an arrested landing on the flight deck of the USS Theodore Roosevelt. The Roosevelt battle group departed from homeports in the United States September 19. (U.S. Navy Photo by Robert McRill/Getty Images)

Okay, so I'll admit that I will probably be a 'Favre apologist' until my dying day - even if I know that I'm wrong :)  The thing is, I don't think I've been wrong, yet!

I don't know why it's happening to this extent, but as I alluded to in another article, the press is really ganging up on Brett Favre. They talk about Brett and the drama that follows him, but THEY are the ones creating the majority of the drama.

ESPN's Adam Schefter is the ring leader.  He seems to allow his personal feelings towards a player to influence his reporting, which is as unprofessional as it gets.  I watch this guy, and it seems to me that he hates Favre.  He's the one who stated that the 'ego has landed' when Favre's plane touched down in Minnesota a few weeks ago.  I ask - is that professional, or does it have overtones of slanted sports journalism?  He definitely abused his role as a reporter with that comment.

Now he's over-sensationalizing the story of division in the Vikings locker room.  While there is acknowledgement that there are some supporters of other quarterbacks, there seems to be anything but a 'schism.'  Yet, Adam Schefter stands there with the most smug look on his face that anyone could ever imagine, expounding on Favre and how drama just seems to follow him wherever he goes.  Schefter and others in his business are like the NFL's version of Inside Edition, making mountains out of mole hills with every story.  Guess what Adam? YOU are the drama that's doing the following!

What do they get out of this?  Ratings, I guess.  Perhaps Adam gets more on-line hits, which directly or indirectly leads to more money for him - I don't know. Whatever it is, HIS ego is the one that's getting too big for my TV right now!

This guy was a big Broncos reporter years ago, and has written books about his idols in Denver.  To me - that's fine, but he should keep to that kind of writing instead of the negative stuff.  What does he get from tearing people down and teams apart?  If he is going to report about the discontent in the Vikings locker room, he and ESPN should report on the discontent in everyone else's locker room, too.  Let's face it - there is decent everywhere on every team.  Guys come and go, and there is a new face in every locker room just about every day.  The NFL is a cut-throat business. Brett got run out of Green Bay for Aaron Rodgers, and Joe Montana even got run out of San Francisco for Steve Young.  I think Adam needs to realize that this time Brett's indecisiveness stemmed from Minnesota calling him - over, and over, and over, again! It had nothing to do with Brett's ego.

Now, as far as "flip-flopping" is concerned, Adam better look at himself in the mirror. "A source close to me" mentioned that Adam spurned the NFL Network to go to ESPN for more money and attention.  He actually did not finish out his contract with the NFL Network.  Now, people from ESPN have been uprooted from their jobs to accommodate Adam's arrival.  I'm not sure if Adam landed on the owner's private jet, but I do believe that another ego has landed - this time, it's in Bristol, Connecticut!