Rob Van Dam in Talks About Coming to TNA Wrestling!

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIAugust 28, 2009

While there is nothing set in stone, there is a rumor that TNA Wrestling is in talks with former WWE and ECW Champion Rob Van Dam about coming in.

RVD is still in good graces with the WWE, even though he left shortly after violating the WWE's Wellness Policy.

He basically came back after the 60-day suspension, and then all of the sudden, he was gone. But, he has been saying that he wants to go back to wrestling; he just does not want to have the same schedule he had before.

If he went back to the WWE, he would obviously have a very hard schedule to maintain. He is still a name many wrestling fans remember, which means the WWE would push him fast.

It would be a good thing for fans, but not for RVD. If he went to TNA, he would have a light schedule and still be in the spotlight. Also, he is still pretty young, so he could wrestle another five to six years there.

People internally within TNA feel that they are really moving forward, and because RVD is still a relevant star, he would really be great for them.

And, many close to RVD think he still wants to wrestle, but just hasn't found the right opportunity. He would have the schedule he wanted in TNA, so why not?

TNA looks to be getting better, and RVD could really help them out. They are going to be around at least another three years or so, and have been talking about moving to Monday Nights to start a new Monday Night War with the WWE.

That may be cool to see and all, but TNA gets the same ratings ECW does.

If ECW can score the same rating as them, then RAW would surpass them easily. They get a low rating despite not having any wrestling to go up against on Thursday.

How will they be able to compete with RAW?

The answer is more star power, and they have been getting more and more guys in to help the cause.

Former ECW Champion Bobby Lashley is there, and you have the new addition of The Pope formally Elijah Burke. You also have the prospect of seeing Umaga (Eddie Fatu) and Ken Anderson, who we better knew as Ken Kennedy in the WWE, in TNA by next month.

If they were to get RVD, imagine the possibilities. He is huge with the 18-30 demographic and kids love him too. He has fans everywhere in the world, and is still relevant.

Will we see Mr. Monday Night in TNA? Only time will tell, but I personally wouldn't bet against it.

He would have a lighter schedule and would be able to take time off when needed. It is a win/win for both TNA and RVD.

If TNA is going to move to Monday, I think they would need a guy like RVD. Heck, even if they stay on Thursday the entire time, RVD would still be a great investment. 

I personally couldn't care less if he goes to the WWE or TNA. As a fan of RVD's, I just want to see him back in a wrestling ring. If that is TNA, then so be it.