The Aftershock: Is Real Madrid the Place to Go?

Rami JContributor IAugust 28, 2009

LANDOVER, MD - AUGUST 09:  Arjen Robben #11 of Real Madrid controls the ball against D.C. United during action at Fed Ex Field on August 9, 2009 in Landover, Maryland. Real Madrid defeated D.C. United 3-0 in the friendly match.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

So seems like it happened again, the joy of having a fantastic team, the depth in the squad, the constant threat of loosing the starting position to every player, has demolition by selling two good players in one day, BUT DON'T OUR PLAYERS DESERVE MORE?

(Let me say first that I am writing this after the official announcement of selling both dutch stars Snieder and Robben.)

Many people spent last night searching for clues and news on how true is it that Real did in fact sold the dutch dual, even me, I was reading one moment that Snieder is flying to Milan, and after an hour he is staying and he missed the how amazing and deceiving the news can be.

And later on the same night, I was surfing the whole Real blogs and fans web sites and reading about how angry many of them are. To be honest, I was angry, not because of the selling of players, but rather for other reasons, and the mistreatment we keep giving them.

And after I woke up today, I decided that for the love of this team I must speak up and say what many people must be thinking: Our management is the worst. History is repeating itself.

So, we enjoyed the buying spree we had this summer, and our management transformed the team from an ordinary team to a mega star team, full of class, passion, and joy...we were waiting for smooth and attacking formations to take on the world, and suddenly it came all down in one night.

Let me be clear that I still think they will be great, and we still have lots of potential this year, but I am discussing they way we treat our players, and how much depth we have lost before even starting the new season.

That it is a kind of deja vu to me. Perez came the first time to Real, and the first thing he did was forcing the magnificent Redondo out, a player who was chosen the same year the best in the CL season, and was the vice captain of the team. Even though the manager wanted him, simply because he can cash on him at that time, and Redondo was considered  a Sanz loyal.

Then came the Hierro dismissal. No one ever anticipated that.

Del Bosque's time was next.

Makelele followed, and we all know what happened after all these three left—we kept on sinking until the day came when Perez stepped down.

Before he left, Perez gave us Figo's saga. After assuring him he was a wanted man, suddenly he was directed to leave the preseason and fly to Milan to pen a deal with Inter.

Calderon came, and we thought at least the respect for the players will come back again—but how wrong I was.

In Calderon time first they treated Beckham so badly that he was forced to sign a contract during the season, which they would regret later.

Then Roberto Carlos was forced out because his 11 years in the club didn't deserve a three-year extension instead of two.

Robinho was next on the chop. They let all the world know that he is being a weight in acquiring CR9 last summer, so he got angry and left in the way we all know to Manchester City. What else to expect from a man like Calderon?

But despite all the previous bad behaviour to our stars, no one anticipated what happened with the outbound transfers this term.

First it was public to everybody that the Dutch players are no longer wanted, and they rushed to offer them to other teams, so their value dropped fast and we couldn't offload them at all.

Huntelaar was sold for merely half of what he was brought and only after six months (perhaps doing a Benitez), and this led all teams to wait on our fringe players because everyone knew by that time that they could get players on the cheap.

We went on public and said Snieder must leave, after Pellegrini confirmed that he is very essential to the team, alongside Robben.

But what happened last night showed to everybody that Pellegrini has nothing to say in the transfer policy, and confirmed the rumors of Del bosque's dismissal back then that he said no to Beckham, and he actually wanted Ronaldinho, but he was shown the door, and the rest is history.

The way Snieder and Robben was sold has a big question mark on it. Why sell players who said they want to fight for their place in the team, and keep horrible players like Gago, Guti, and Drenthe?

One may say we can get money from these two and not the later three but how true is that, is you buy a player for $30 million and sell him for $15 million only? Is it wise?

When this is going to stop? When the management is going to realize that those players who makes the team great, if you want a player out, just give him the proper treatment.

One last thought to think about: This way of us treating our good and loyal players, how long it will take other players to start thinking is it wise to sign for Real Madrid? After all, if the team failed, how will he be treated when management decides, "we don't want him anymore?" IS REAL MADRID REALLY THE PLACE TO GO?...Sad isn't it?