Fox Kicking CBS's Ass In Online NFL Coverage: Part One

Alan LupianiCorrespondent IAugust 28, 2009

HOLLYWOOD - NOVEMBER 05:  Jay Glazer of FOX Sports attends the 2008 AFI FEST Tribute To Tilda Swinton held at Arclight Hollywood on November 5, 2008 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for AFI)

To my dismay, has been more innovative than regarding NFL coverage this pre-season.

I have never been a big fan of the conservative Fox network, however, Fox has engaged it's NFL readership in a more compelling manner than CBS by creating a three-dimensional entertainment platform including the following techniques:

1) Developing and highlighting the personalities of it's reporters.

2) Utilizing podcasts and video to create more connection with the audience.

3) Allowing for humor and spontaneity to enter into the reporting of NFL stories.

Here's a look at's online NFL reporting lineup:

Dave Kriegel - To help you better understand my take on Kriegel, I will refer back to Marshall Holman, the original bad-boy of the Pro Bowlers Association back in the 70's who was once asked the question, "How many times did you get the crap kicked out of you when you were a kid?"

Same holds true for Kriegel.

Granted he has written a few critically acclaimed books in the past about Joe Namath etc. which I suppose gives him enough street credibility to be on Fox's football writing staff.  However, his overly zealous attempts to trash anyone and anything that doesn't fit neatly into his sports universe, makes him an easily target for haters.

For me, it all started with his disdain for Ochocinco's tweeting and ustreaming. Kriegel wrote an article that was not only uninformed and unintelligent about the topic, it was also offensive.  

Writing a dismissive note in the comments section to one of Kreigel's many articles has proven to be a great way for me to get the day started.

PS - Kriegel is talented, just highly misguided at the moment.  His handlers are trying too hard to make him something that he is not.

Jason Whitlock - I started to understand Jason better after recently reading his article about ex-high school teammate and ex-NFL quarterback Jeff George.  Whitlock lobbied hard in the article to make a case for his good friend George; that George still has what it takes, at 41 years of age,  to be an NFL quarterback. Although the article made absolutely no sense to me and I found it somewhat awkard in general, I realized that this was the genius of Whitlock at work. He had successfully lulled me into a story that I could relate too and furthermore, engaged me to consider the outcome.  He writes in a style that reaches out of the computer screen and pulls you in.  

Powerful stuff.

Also, Jason's recent dish on Rick "Pimpino" Pitino's highly publicized affair has to be mentioned even though it's not about football.

Check it out.

Whitlock has just begun to tap into his unlimited potential.  This guy has more passion for writing than I do while wolfing down a bacon cheeseburger.  From one who knows, that's boo-coo passion and also a true sign of writing/intellectual genius.

Adam Carolla and Kevin Hench - I have to clear the air on this one.  Call me paranoid, insecure, an overly sensitive egotist.  I believe that Fox's content providers have been following my recent handiwork on the internet because not only did they create a show with Carolla and Hench that ought to be my show, they have taken just about every topic that I have written about here on B/R over the last two weeks and made it into a podcast!

Coined the "Poddy Mouths", these two even riffed directly from my Favre spoof, "My Wife Made Me Do it."  Whateva...Carolla should stick to showbiz and stay out of sports.  He knows as much about sports as I know about, well...showbiz.  Hench on the other hand, is dryer than the toast that I burned in the oven this morning.  The combination of the two makes for a somewhat amusing cast.  

CBS where are you?  I deserve a shot at a gig like this one as competition to C and H if anything.  Time for Lupi Lives the NFL to go to work for you!

Jay Glazer - I both respect and get annoyed by Glazer.  Jay's probably one of the hardest working insider reporters in the game.  He's even gone as far as to become an MMA fighter and trains QB's in the off season such as Matt Lean Cuisine Leinart.  All of these things are admirable, however, Jay has become too much of an insider in my opinion and it's hard to take him that seriously anymore. Whatever happened to professional distance?

Alex Marvez - Marvez has really cleaned up his act.  His writing style has improved tremendously.  I seriously wondered at one point last season if Marvez even knew all 32 NFL teams.  Upon further review, Marvez has been doing this for fourteen years and he's also President of the Pro Football Writer's of America, whatever the heck that means.  Check out his Camp Sights column for a good stories about training camp and breaking stories.

I don't often read Fox's other online reporters Adam Schein, Peter Schrager, or John Czarnecki.  If that's a testament to their writing skill or not, so be it.  The other characters at Fox are doing a good enough job peeling away my attention from  

Oh yeah, it would also be cool to get a female voice on's NFL coverage as well.

My next article will take a closer look at and why I am dissatisfied with network's online NFL coverage and what can be done to correct the situation immediately.