LeBron James: Can Basketball Mecca New York Knicks Land a King?

Rodge CorreaSenior Analyst IMay 20, 2008

The thoughts that ran threw the mind of LeBron James after the 97-92 loss to the Boston Celtics must have been many:

“We lost”

“Should have had the ball in my hands more”

However, as he bowed his head and made a quick exit to the locker room only one thought I believe stuck—"what else do I have to do?"

After the game, King James made his usual press conference appearance where he showed maturity, giving props to Paul Pierce and the Boston Celtics. 

I couldn't help noticing that his head was just not there.

Now, Lebron James has to wait months for the season to begin. And, it's rumored he will begin pondering whether he should stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers or not. The 2010 season is not far off, and the teams interested in him offer way too much.

In addition, the Cavs don't hold any franchise-changing number in the draft to inhance the Lebron squad—another incentive to leave his present team behind.

What are the necessary elements to allure a player like Lebron James?

How about a world famous stadium, millions of endorsement dollars, crowds filled with celebrities, a winning line-up, and an experienced coaching staff.

Folks, that reads the Knicks! Not now, of course—this is to say cap space is achieved.

Nevertheless, this is not the only factor that has man-child James interested in Gotham.  Other attractive elements include a new coach in Mike D'Antoni and the great chances of landing a franchise-changing player in 2008 NBA draft.

All the same, Knicks fans must not get excited over the possible acquiring of No. 23. On the outskirts of the New York, Lebron frenzy lays quietly beside a Destiny's Child.

Hip hop mogul and Brooklynite, Jay-Z, is expected to represent the Nets in the draft—and ruin the plans of Donnie Walsh.

Sean Carter and LBJ, two kings in their own category have become great friends and with the possible re-location to Brooklyn, James may be rethinking the white, orange, and blue for the gray, red, and white.

However, has anyone really thought if Lebron is the best option for the New York Knicks?

Besides money, fame, and the obvious transformation into a powerful Eastern Conference team—distraction and mayhem are part of the New York Knicks' package.

This may be too much for a player coming into his 4th season. In addition, other blue-chip players of the league are planning to part from their teams—giving the Knicks much more options to choose from!

This being said - the only reason acquiring the Akron native becomes a think piece is the grand amount of blue-chip players who are set to leave their teams in the 2010 season.

Even though a large amount of these players will be held back by opt-outs and contract extensions-the list includes Rip Hamilton, Kobe Bryant, Amare Stoudemire, Manu Ginobili, Dirk Nowitzki, Carlos Boozer, and others.

Talented crop of players!

Ladies and gentleman! A bidding war awaits us…